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A World of Advice at Your Fingertips

CAFA and CAAR working together means more valuable contacts and resources for their memberships.

Safety as Second Nature

Create a workplace culture that focuses on safety.

Smoothing Out the Busy Season

New digital solutions mean that next year’s seeding season could be a lot less stressful.

President's Message: CAAR's Value Runs Deep

Perception is an iceberg: what we see scratches the surface of what lies beneath.

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Monsanto Company today announced that its Board of Directors unanimously views Bayer AG’s revised proposal as financially inadequate and insufficient to ensure deal certainty.

Protect your employees, and the future of your agri-retail business, with Group Benefits Consulting of Canada (GBCC).

After several years of industry discussion and study, Fertilizer Canada is pleased to share the final revised Anhydous Ammonia Code of Practice (Code) on their website.

Monsanto Company (NYSE: MON) acknowledged that it has received a revised, non-binding proposal from Bayer AG for a potential acquisition of Monsanto.

CAAR recently implemented changes to our website to create a more interactive and convenient experience for our members, including user logins, special CAAR Mart pricing and access to exclusive content.

Get ready for one of the most exciting business development opportunities of the year! Registration is now open for exhibitors at the 2017 CAAR Conference – February 14-16, 2017 in Banff, AB.

Look out for the July 2016 issue of The Communicator, hitting mailboxes this week.