Getting ready for fall application season? Need equipment repaired? Look no further than MacMor Industries Ltd.!

As a participating partner in the CAAR Perk$ Program, MacMor Industries Ltd. offers a number of discounts on and exclusive access to a number of products and services for CAAR members. They also offer specific equipment for fall application season along with repair services and equipment maintenance.

“We provide anything that agri-retailers would need for chemical application, be it pesticides, herbicides or NH3 application,” says Paul Dupasquier, product specialist at MacMor. “It would be available at CAAR’s discounted price – if they were to walk in off the street they would pay a lot more if they weren’t a CAAR member.”

Dupasquier stressed that CAAR members also receive discounts on fall protection equipment like ladders, tools and other safety equipment. Members can also take advantage of MacMor’s expertise in ammonia and chemical-handling and spill control.

“Safety equipment can be quite costly, so anything agri-retailers can save when dealing with us would probably help their bottom line,” he adds.

The CAAR Perk$ program is exclusively for CAAR members, giving them access to an extensive variety of discounted products and services from participating industry suppliers.

Click here for more information about MacMor Industries and their CAAR Perk$ offers.

For more information on the CAAR Perk$ program and the CAAR Perk$ partners, please refer to the “CAAR Programs and Services” section in your 2017 Membership Roster or contact the CAAR office at 800-463-9323 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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