It’s hard to believe that it’s been 17 years since I was first introduced to CAAR. My first conferences are deeply etched in my memory as among the most fun and exciting events I have attended. Never had I been so comfortable or found immediate kinship with so many people. I felt at home.

While my time has come to step away from CAAR, I am certain that CAAR’s commitment to engaging with the industry, building broad value across all membership groups, bringing a higher profile and a stronger voice to the retail sector will continue to grow and thrive. CAAR’s vision – to be a partner of value and necessity for all Canadian agri-retailers – was established during my tenure and was the chief goal our team worked toward. This vision aligned with my long-held dreams for the association and I have no doubt that it will be realized as the association moves forward.

In this pivotal year for CAAR, as we deepen our understanding of the association’s purpose and role in the industry, I would encourage you to ask yourself: what is your vision for CAAR?

Now is your opportunity to continue CAAR’s evolution; to be the catalyst that takes CAAR into the future. Share your vision, your recommendations, even your criticisms, for it is through understanding and evaluation that the association can continue to improve.

Reach out to the CAAR staff, the CAAR board and committee members and offer your insight. I have great faith in the people of the agri-retail industry, and by coming together, you will succeed.

Now is your opportunity to continue CAAR’s evolution; to be the catalyst that takes CAAR into the future. Delaney Ross Burtnack

It is truly the people in this industry I will miss the most as I take on a new career challenge. I am grateful for the many collaborative partnerships and friendships that I have developed during my time with CAAR. I look forward to continuing to work and connect with those partners in my new role as Executive Director of the Manitoba Canola Growers Association.

Going forward, I am grateful to know that the association is in such good hands. The board has never been stronger in my 10-year experience on staff. They are engaged in understanding and resolving the challenges that CAAR and its membership face, and have a keen eye on the future goal of long-term value, relevance and stability for this unique and important association. The board is actively directing the association and applying their expertise in a myriad of ways for the benefit of all CAAR members. Thank you for your insight, guidance and time as you worked with us to build a stronger CAAR.

The CAAR staff is one of a kind. Their commitment to the success of the association, combined with their broad capability in serving the membership, will ensure that members continue to be supported throughout this transition as CAAR seeks its next leader. Thank you to each of you for sharing my passion, and willingly taking up this cause with a level of devotion that only a person who cares as deeply about success as you do could bring.

I hope to have the chance to interact with every one of you again. Thank you for your support, wisdom, encouragement and for challenging CAAR to be better. Keep up the amazing work you do.

Delaney Ross Burtnack
President & CEO

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