CAAR has entered a new phase this summer as we transition our executive leadership. Our previous CEO, Delaney Ross Burtnack, devoted over 10 years of service to CAAR in several roles, culminating in her tenure as CEO for the past seven years. On behalf of the board, I am pleased to recognize and thank Delaney for her service. We wish her great success in her new role.

The board executive has welcomed the challenge of recruiting a new leader for CAAR, its staff and membership. The CAAR board is comprised of leaders from throughout our industry and across Canada, and we are proud to act as your voice in this recruitment process. As we seek a leader who can leverage the good work of the past to deliver on CAAR’s mandate, we are aware of how agriculture is evolving as new people, products and technologies shape our industry.

As witnessed across the country, our governments – and society at large – are increasingly focused on agriculture and its role in providing safe, plentiful food for our nation and the world. This positive viewpoint is counterbalanced by an ever-increasing level of scrutiny toward farming practices and their perceived impact on the environment.

Our industry is challenged by the enactment of regulations and policies crafted by a government distant from the dynamic nature of agriculture. In this cacophony of demands, CAAR – alongside our sister organizations, Fertilizer Canada, CropLife Canada and our provincial counterparts – is well-placed to ensure the voice of agriculture is clearly and consistently heard.

CAAR is your voice. We need your continued support to be a relevant participant in the discussions around agriculture. Our association currently draws membership from a cross section of our industry, including independent retails, line companies, suppliers and others. This diversity is the strength of our representation.

Membership is at the core of our existence, and will continue to be a focus of our association in the months to come.

As we search for a new leader to move CAAR forward in our mandate, we look to you, our fellow members, to continue providing feedback on the role CAAR needs to play in your business and in this industry.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to sharing good news on our new leadership in the months to come.

Martin Kiefer
CAAR Board Chair

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