Who Is CAAR?

CAAR’s values can be summarized in three words: produce, protect, proud. As the only national agri-retail association, we produce programs and services, protect Members’ rights and interests and are a proud, active supporter of the agriculture industry. CAAR represents agri-retailers who actively support Canadian growers in the production of the highest quality food possible by protecting food quality, farm productivity, and the long term sustainability of our industry.Rebrand_LogoWithWords


To enhance the business of Canadian agri-retail.


To be a partner of value and necessity for all Canadian agri-retailers.


CAAR produces a world class conference among other quality networking opportunities, continuing education programs, and communications to enhance the business of agri-retail.

  • We produce networking events including the CAAR Conference and tools to assist agri-retailers to forge new and strengthen existing business relationships
  • We produce continuing education programs for agri-retailers to maintain their status as a trusted resource for their customers.
  • We produce communications to keep agri-retailers up-to-date with the latest industry news, trends, and regulations


We protect the rights and interests of our members as a recognized voice of Canadian agri-retailers.

  • We protect our Members by advocating as the only National unified voice speaking on behalf of the business of agri-retail.
  • We help our Members protect their employees, customers and the public through a continual emphasis on maintaining and exceeding safety and security standards.
  • We protect the long-term environmental, economic and social sustainability of the agri-retail industry by supporting best management practices and transparency in business.


We are proud to be an active supporter of the agriculture industry and an integral part for agri-retailers.

  • We are proud to stand behind the science of agriculture and support innovation that lead to positive impacts for the industry.
  • We are proud to support programs that encourage education, discussion and a clear understanding about Canadian agriculture.
  • We are proud to contribute to the achievements of the Canadian agriculture industry.

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