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Moving Canada’s grain

CN and CPKC railroads detail their plans to provide Canada’s agricultural communities with the best possible service. But a port strike and continued episodes of wet weather can derail those plans.

Great expectations

Canadian predictions for corn, soybeans, and wheat and the dickens of a time it may have as it plays out against the complex machinations of a global background.

Navigating control: Balancing leadership and relationships

Learn how to balance leadership and personal relationships while navigating management in various situations.

Agriculture commodity markets in 2023 and beyond

A primer on navigating the complex terrain of agriculture commodity markets. Learn how to balance leadership and personal relationships while navigating management in various situations.

Innovation drives improved sustainability

A comparison of Canadian versus European approaches. Canadian agriculture has embraced innovative technologies and products, something that has been achieved through an efficient regulatory framework and widespread adoption.

Investing in the future of Canadian ag exports – disrupt logistics

In the August 2023 CAAR Communicator, I rambled at length on the dock worker strike disrupting British Columbia ports and essentially shutting down a significant volume of Canadian exports to Asia.

Bee-cause they can

Company uses bees to apply, on demand, fungicide to plants.


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Committee report praises Canadian agricultural eco-practices

Canadian farmers are at the forefront of merging agricultural productivity with environmental conservation, as highlighted in a recent report to the House of Commons.

Canada launche $12M methane reduction challenge

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada introduces a challenge to reduce methane emissions in cattle farming.

Perception gaps exist between farmers and consumers

Research by Nutrien identifies key differences and similarities in agricultural views between farmers and North American consumers.

18 action steps for farmer aid proposed by CFA

Canadian agriculture is at a crossroads with rising operational costs and regulatory challenges threatening the industry's financial and mental health.

agrēGrain by Tronia Systems

agrēGrain by Tronia Systems is a complete grain terminal management solution. (Sponsored Content)

CCA is once again launching a series of live online tutorials to assist individuals seeking to write the CCA exam to be better prepared.

Sollio Agriculture opening new plant in Ontario

In Mid September, Solio Agriculture inaugurated CRF Agritech in St. Thomas, Ontario.