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Ag Retailers Will Lead The Emissions Reduction Plan

The volume of perspective has significantly increased in the past three months relating to the AAFC (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada) and ECCC (Environment Canada & Climate Change) discussion paper: Farm Applied Fertilizer Emission Reduction Discussion Paper comment period ending August 31.   

Getting The Most Out Of Your New Hire

Avoiding communication breakdown strengthens the bond between the employer and the new employee.


2023 CAAR Conference in Edmonton, 2022-2023 CAAR Membership & CAAR Advocacy

Labour Shortages in Ag

Efforts to resolve the crisis of a labour shortage in the ag world keep government agencies busy.

October 2022 Issue of CAAR Communicator Now Available Online

By now, you should have received your October 2022 CAAR Communicator issue.  It is now available online.

Man + machine = climate change TKO

Learn how machine learning is already being used by farmers to beat the negative impact of weather.

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Thumbnail for Nutrient Application Ban

In case you missed the member alert last week, CAAR advises all Manitoba members and producers that there is no provincial variance in effect. Nutrients cannot be applied on or after November 10, 2022, due to expectation of snow cover, frozen soils and below freezing temperatures.

Cleanfarms Collecting Unwanted Old Ag Pesticides this Fall

In June 2022, Quebec’s Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques passed the Regulation respecting the recovery and reclamation of products by enterprises.

Research Hub providing agronomy insights

Farmers depend on the expertise of agri-retailers to keep them informed on agronomy topics. Agri-retailers provide timely advice throughout the growing season, supporting farmers through their decision-making process. (Sponsored Content)

CAAR Perk$ Profile for Western Financial Group

CAAR is celebrating the CAAR Perk$ program with Western Financial Group, a Manitoba-based company, with a holistic approach to insurance and a commitment to efficient and cost-effective services. Through the CAAR Perk$ program, CAAR members have access to Western Financial Group’s specialized insurance program for crop input dealers and custom applicators.

Will You Be a Donor or Bidder or both for the Pro-Ag Investments auction?

The 2023 CAAR’s Pro-Ag Investments Auction will be online again this year,  held during the CAAR Conference (Feb 7 to 9, 2023).  You can support your association’s advocacy efforts by taking part as a donor or bidder – or both!

Thumbnail of CAAR 4R Award

Do you have a team member you want to recognize that has shown leadership in the adoption of 4R Nutrient Stewardship? This award is sponsored by Fertilizer Canada.

Thumbnail for 16th Virtual Canadian Fertilizer Products Forum

The 16th annual Canadian Fertilizer Products Forum (CFPF) hosted by Fertilizer Canada held its first session October 26, the next session will be held November 2.