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February 2024 Issue – See All

5 agricultural technology trends to watch in 2024

As more Canadian farmers are accepting of new technologies over ye olde tried and true, look at some ways more AgTech can improve the sector’s lot.

The current state of global agricultural testing

Using just-in-time technology to thwart the spread of pathogenic disease in ag.

Increasing your company’s brand reputation

A well-thought-out brand marketing campaign will help you grow and promote your brand.

Views, Considerations & Unknowns for 2024

With 2024 upon us, the agriculture trade show and seminar season is now in full swing.

Show your mature workforce the love they deserve

Learn how the top employers support the ever-evolving needs of their employees through their changing career phases.

The world is not enough

Wanting to do their part in reducing global GHG emissions, Canadian farmers still can’t catch a break from federal tax fees. But what’s going on around the world?

CN expands its central US reach

Canadian National has agreed to purchase the agricultural Iowa Northern Railway.

The world of seed technology: things to know for 2024

With science changing along with the seasons, we look at the world of seed technology, offering a forecast.

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2023 sees shifts in Canadian lentil industry

2023 marked a pivotal point for Canadian lentils.  Reduced production but increased exports and promising future planting projections indicate a vibrant industry shift.

2024-25 Saskatchewan budget well-received

SARM and the Wheat Board react positively to the new Saskatchewan budget, highlighting the benefits for agriculture and rural infrastructure while still voicing key concerns.

Bridging Skill Gaps in Canadian Agriculture

Employers in Canada's farming and food sector focus on the skills they need in their workforce. asked employers about the skills they need and what's lacking in the workforce.

High-Protein canola seeds get boost for market

Investment in high-protein canola seeds aims to create new markets for Canadian farmers in the food and feed industries.

Cold plasma - New weapon against grain toxins

University of Alberta research shows cold plasma can effectively decontaminate grains and improve seed germination, potentially benefiting farmers and consumers.

Grain Farmers of Ontario lobby for carbon tax exemption

Ontario grain farmers are calling on the federal government to exempt grain drying from the carbon tax. They argue rising costs threaten food security and come at a time when food bank lineups are in place.

February sees a surge in Canadian combine sales

Canada saw a significant surge in combine sales in February 2024, up by 27.2% compared to the previous year. Year-to-date data indicates a 6.3% increase in combine sales compared to 2023, with a total of 131 units sold in February and 255 units sold overall.