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Overview of the Canada Grains Council Roundtable

National meeting keeps the ball rolling on grain industry-specific subjects that affect the Canadian grain supply chain and economy.

Feds Want Your Help to Resolve the Canadian Ag Labour Shortage

New National Agricultural Labour Strategy is looking for solutions to Canadian workforce challenges, shortages and retention. It’s your chance to provide an answer for a national conundrum.

Why Should I Trust You?

Building a brand for knowledgeable advice and protection, agrologists help provide a solution.

Issue of CAAR Communicator Now Available Online

Just in time for summer reading, the August 2022 CAAR Communicator issue is arriving in mailboxes and available online.

CAAR News August 2022

Faster Internet, AAFC Extension, CAAR Membership

Health Canada says gene-edited crops are safe

A look at the science of agriculture, genetics, and gene-editing, and how Health Canada continues its evolution, bringing Canada more in line with its global trading partners. .

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Thumbnail of GBCC and Humaniqa

Employee benefits, employee insurance, managing HR are all complicated tasks.  Group Benefits Consulting of Canada is your one-stop shop for employee benefit plans and consulting, insurance products and business solutions to help your operation run smoothly and efficiently. Humaniqa is a comprehensive tool that specifically supports small to medium organizations in managing their HR.

CAAR Membership Renewals Due Mid-July

Did you forget to renew your membership?  By now, you should have received your membership renewal information for the 2022-23 year, and hopefully your membership invoice has been made. Summer is a busy time, if you forgot, there is still time to renew your membership.   With several advocacy issues ongoing to protect the industry, renewing your CAAR Membership is more important than ever.  

Thumbnail for CoBank says Clouds are forming

According to US Bank CoBank the effects from the pandemic and Ukraine war continue to reverberate through the global economy, but the bank also suggests that transportation costs are starting to come down – providing a glimmer of hope.

Thumbnail for What’s Driving Fertilizer Prices Available to view

The Fertilizer Canada Presentation Food for thought: What’s Driving Fertilizer Prices is now available to view.

Thumbnail for Credit card lawsuit

If your business accepted Visa and/or Mastercard credit cards as payment at any point since March 23, 2001, it could be eligible to receive a portion of a multi-million dollar settlement in a class action lawsuit against Visa and Mastercard for restricting merchants’ ability to surcharge or refuse higher cost (“premium”) credit cards.

Thumbnail for National Agricultural Labour Strategy

AAFC is developing a sector-specific strategy to address chronic labour shortages in farming and food processing and your input is required.

Thumbnail for Temporary Foreign Worker

AAFC has announced that the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) is extending the suspension of minimum advertising requirements for all positions in the primary agriculture sector by a year, until June 30, 2023.