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August 2023 Issue – See All

The pros and cons of transporting

A look at the four primary modes of transportation—their pluses and minuses.

Bills, bills, bills

A look at recent Canadian bills and their effect on the ag industry.

Breeding better cows to reduce GHG emissions

A new project to breed low-methane burping cows will reduce GHG emissions without affecting milk production.

The Benefits of Flexible Work

Embracing flexibility in the agricultural retail industry will create a better work environment.

How green are rail customers?

Rail transport is quick and easy, but CN’s new tool tells you how to calculate its GHG emissions.

Canada dry—and not the good kind

A not-so-refreshing look at the drought conditions affecting most Canadian farming sectors.

BC port strike. Does anyone truly benefit in the long run?

As of July 1, 2023, more than 7,000 port workers across British Columbia went on strike.

Acting locally, thinking globally

The strike affecting BC ports could have global ramifications.

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Thumbnail of Federal, Provincial and Territorial Ministers of Agriculture meet

The annual conference of Federal, Provincial and Territorial (FPT) Ministers of Agriculture was held in Fredericton, New Brunswick, from July 19 to 21, 2023.

Why CAAR Membership Benefits Your Business

CAAR Membership Renewals were sent recently sent to members. Why should you renew? Membership with CAAR enables you to focus your attention on your business; while trusting CAAR to share the regulatory, compliance and advocacy information you need to know when you need to know it. 

Thumbnail for Market insights on nitrogen fertilizers

Future Market Insights is predicting the demand for nitrogen fertilizer additives will continue to increase, and the prices of nitrogen fertilizer additives are expected to grow moderately.

Thumbnail for Glysophate oversupply

The agricultural industry is currently grappling with a significant challenge as glyphosate prices plummet due to an oversupply issue leading ag chemical suppliers and retailers to grapple with surplus glyphosate inventory.

Thumbnail for Port of Vancouver strike to impact agriculture

7,000 cargo loaders at roughly 30 B.C. ports began striking on Canada Day and were on strike for 13 days. Mediation and an agreement were reached, but workers returned to the picket lines after the Workers’ Union rejected a tentative agreement. Here is an overview and expected timelines.

Thumbnail of Momentum building to stall carbon tax increases

Bill C-234 made it through the House of Commons before the summer break, but will the politicians continue to show their support for farmers by ensuring Bill C-234’s swift passage into law?

Thumnail forGSI Brings Farmers Smart Solutions for Grain Storage and Management

As farmers head to the fields to start planting this spring, they will quickly begin thinking about how and when to sell their grain upon harvest. (Sponsored Content.)