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Food not feed

What we know about the strange “ban” on Lambda-cyhalothrin insecticide.


No Concerns with New Pesticides & Ag Plastic in Québec Changes

Canadian ag labour resolution may have a flaw

The interim report developed for the National Workforce Strategic Framework for Agriculture and Food & Beverage Manufacturing is a thing of beauty. But something integral to its success is missing.

The RBC transformative seven

With Canada having to reduce its GHG emissions, the ag industry needs more innovative technologies. So how do we do that?

Top 3 ways to engage employees in workplace health and safety

Make sure your employees understand the importance of health and safety with these tips.

The Resiliency of Canadian Ag Production

It has been three long years since I last attended an indoor farm show. Yesterday, I travelled to Brandon, Manitoba for the opening day of 2023 Manitoba Ag Days.

By The Numbers

2.9 That’s how many billions of dollars Canada’s ag industry lost because it lacked the necessary labour, according to a 2020 survey. See Page 18.

3 The number of quick and easy ways to get your new hire interested in your work-related health and safety. See Page 12.

7 The Royal Bank of Canada says that there are seven things our country can do to turn it into a global leader in agriculture innovation and technology, while also reducing our ag greenhouse gas emissions. See Page 26.

30 The required amount of metric tonnes of GHG emissions Canada needs to annually reduce by 2030. One way to eat at that number is to use more grain oils as vehicle fuel. See Page 14.

100 That’s the percentage of effort CAAR Scholarship Award winner Alice Hehli said she will be able to put into her school work now, no longer having to worry about finances. See Page 36.

449.8 This is the molecular weight of Lambda-cyhalothrin, a compound that was used as the main ingredient in highly effective brands of insecticide. Banned, but not banned in Canada, its loss affects our crops as well as our feed imports. See Page 8.

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Thumbnail for Will Health Canada disclose the names of applicants and registrants for certain pest control product regulatory activities

On October 25, 2022, Health Canada published a Notice of Intent ( NOI2022-01) to inform stakeholders of its intention to disclose the names of applicants and registrants for certain pest control product regulatory activities.

Thumbnail of CAAR welcomes Nikeisha to the team!

CAAR is delighted to welcome Nikeisha Paul-Hunnighan to the Marketing, Communications & Event Management role with the association. 

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It's been a rough couple of years, but do you know someone who stood out and has made the extra effort for the ag retail industry?  Someone who should be nominated for the Retailer Hall of Fame award.  The Retailer Hall of Fame award recognizes an individual who has consistently demonstrated exceptional performance over time in serving his or her customers, industry, and association. 

Monitoring stored grain isn’t a new idea. For years, grain handlers have climbed the ladder for a quick look or a smell test. (SPONSORED CONTENT) 

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The 2023 in-person CAAR Conference will provide you with an opportunity to stay up to date on the latest issues in ag retail -- there are several important issues facing the industry. Topics that will impact the future of the agriculture industry.   

2023 CAAR Conference: Challenges & Opportunities Ahead

CAAR is please to share the 2023 CAAR Conference theme will be Challenges & Opportunities Ahead!   

2023 CAAR Conference: Challenges & Opportunities Ahead

As 2022 comes to a close it is time to prepare for 2023. CAAR Conference 2023 is a great way to prepare for the Challenges & Opportunities Ahead!