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February 2024 Issue – See All

The world is not enough

Wanting to do their part in reducing global GHG emissions, Canadian farmers still can’t catch a break from federal tax fees. But what’s going on around the world?

Views, Considerations & Unknowns for 2024

With 2024 upon us, the agriculture trade show and seminar season is now in full swing.

5 agricultural technology trends to watch in 2024

As more Canadian farmers are accepting of new technologies over ye olde tried and true, look at some ways more AgTech can improve the sector’s lot.

The current state of global agricultural testing

Using just-in-time technology to thwart the spread of pathogenic disease in ag.

Increasing your company’s brand reputation

A well-thought-out brand marketing campaign will help you grow and promote your brand.

The world of seed technology: things to know for 2024

With science changing along with the seasons, we look at the world of seed technology, offering a forecast.

Show your mature workforce the love they deserve

Learn how the top employers support the ever-evolving needs of their employees through their changing career phases.

CN expands its central US reach

Canadian National has agreed to purchase the agricultural Iowa Northern Railway.

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Committee report praises Canadian agricultural eco-practices

Canadian farmers are at the forefront of merging agricultural productivity with environmental conservation, as highlighted in a recent report to the House of Commons.

Canada launche $12M methane reduction challenge

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada introduces a challenge to reduce methane emissions in cattle farming.

Perception gaps exist between farmers and consumers

Research by Nutrien identifies key differences and similarities in agricultural views between farmers and North American consumers.

18 action steps for farmer aid proposed by CFA

Canadian agriculture is at a crossroads with rising operational costs and regulatory challenges threatening the industry's financial and mental health.

CCA is once again launching a series of live online tutorials to assist individuals seeking to write the CCA exam to be better prepared.

Sollio Agriculture opening new plant in Ontario

In Mid September, Solio Agriculture inaugurated CRF Agritech in St. Thomas, Ontario.

PMRA modifies study submission protocol for pesticides

The PMRA announced that it has unveiled a new tiered approach for higher priority pesticide re-evaluations, altering previous executive summary requirements for study submissions.