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Reconciling the Barton Report with Recent Proposed Policy Changes

Dr. Stuart Smyth said that environmental sustainability is more important than economic sustainability

Port of Montréal to add new grain terminal equipment

Federal grant money is part of an $18 million project to improve the port’s import and export shipping.

Is net zero agriculture production achievable?

At the Sustainability of Canadian Agriculture Conference 2023, hosted by University of Manitoba’s National Centre for Livestock and the Environment and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in March, Henry Janzen, Honorary Research Associate, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Lethbridge, Alberta stated that the possibility of net-zero GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions from production agriculture as highly unlikely because of too much leakage.

Strategies to support your intern

Are you considering a summer intern? Do you already have one lined up?

Grain trains doing the job

CN and CP have moved a lot of grain this season—but could they do better?

It’s raining success!

Learn who took home awards presented at the 2023 CAAR’s Choice Awards Banquet.

Early season pest control for Ontario soybeans growers

Give your crop-growing customers these Agronomist tips for yielding better-performing soybean crops.


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Thumnail for CAAR Communicator February 2023 Issue

You should soon be receiving your February 2023 CAAR Communicator issue.  This issue is particularly important because it includes a 4-page spread with details about the 2023 CAAR Conference on February 6 to 8, 2023.  

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The Pro-Ag Investments Auction will be hosted online over three days from Feb. 6-9, 2023.  Whether attending the conference in person, or from your office or home, it is easy for you to bid on auction products online. 

New Pesticides meet Maximum Residues Limits

The Market Access Committee has released information about new pesticides in corn and soy that are to be launched for the 2023 crop season. The committee stated that is has no trade concerns with the use of five new corn pesticides and two new soy pesticides.

Prairie Certified Crop Advisors release Exam Tutorials

In addition to the recent launch of an Online Study Guide for both the International and Prairie Board CCA exams, the Prairie Certified Crop Advisor Board Exam Committee has put together a series of four online live tutorials for each study category.

FMC Canada Announces New Country Manager

Devron McLeod will leverage his sales and marketing experience in the agriculture industry to lead FMC in Canada

A snapshot of EPR obligations on ag plastics to help guide you in Quebec

As previously reported in CAAR Network, in June 2022, Quebec’s Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques implemented regulations regarding the recovery and reclamation of products by companies.  Cleanfarms has prepared a webpage to help decipher the information for those in the agriculture industry.

Will You Be a Donor or Bidder or both for the Pro-Ag Investments auction?

The Pro-Ag Investment Auction is held annually to support CAAR’s advocacy efforts. The online auction will take place during the 2023 CAAR Conference. Auction items will be available to preview ahead of the event and bidding will open on February 6 10:00 am CST and close on February 9, 12:00 nn CST.