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August 2023 Issue – See All

How green are rail customers?

Rail transport is quick and easy, but CN’s new tool tells you how to calculate its GHG emissions.

Canada dry—and not the good kind

A not-so-refreshing look at the drought conditions affecting most Canadian farming sectors.

BC port strike. Does anyone truly benefit in the long run?

As of July 1, 2023, more than 7,000 port workers across British Columbia went on strike.

Breeding better cows to reduce GHG emissions

A new project to breed low-methane burping cows will reduce GHG emissions without affecting milk production.

Acting locally, thinking globally

The strike affecting BC ports could have global ramifications.

The pros and cons of transporting

A look at the four primary modes of transportation—their pluses and minuses.

The Benefits of Flexible Work

Embracing flexibility in the agricultural retail industry will create a better work environment.

Bills, bills, bills

A look at recent Canadian bills and their effect on the ag industry.

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CAAR Perk$ Profile for Western Financial Group

CAAR is celebrating the CAAR Perk$ program with Western Financial Group, a Manitoba-based company, with a holistic approach to insurance and a commitment to efficient and cost-effective services. Through the CAAR Perk$ program, CAAR members have access to Western Financial Group’s specialized insurance program for crop input dealers and custom applicators.

Will You Be a Donor or Bidder or both for the Pro-Ag Investments auction?

The 2023 CAAR’s Pro-Ag Investments Auction will be online again this year,  held during the CAAR Conference (Feb 7 to 9, 2023).  You can support your association’s advocacy efforts by taking part as a donor or bidder – or both!

Thumbnail of CAAR 4R Award

Do you have a team member you want to recognize that has shown leadership in the adoption of 4R Nutrient Stewardship? This award is sponsored by Fertilizer Canada.

Thumbnail for 16th Virtual Canadian Fertilizer Products Forum

The 16th annual Canadian Fertilizer Products Forum (CFPF) hosted by Fertilizer Canada held its first session October 26, the next session will be held November 2.   

Thumbnail for Will Health Canada disclose the names of applicants and registrants for certain pest control product regulatory activities

On October 25, 2022, Health Canada published a Notice of Intent ( NOI2022-01) to inform stakeholders of its intention to disclose the names of applicants and registrants for certain pest control product regulatory activities.

Thumbnail of CAAR welcomes Nikeisha to the team!

CAAR is delighted to welcome Nikeisha Paul-Hunnighan to the Marketing, Communications & Event Management role with the association. 

Thumbnail of CAAR RHOF Award

It's been a rough couple of years, but do you know someone who stood out and has made the extra effort for the ag retail industry?  Someone who should be nominated for the Retailer Hall of Fame award.  The Retailer Hall of Fame award recognizes an individual who has consistently demonstrated exceptional performance over time in serving his or her customers, industry, and association.