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Agriculture commodity markets in 2023 and beyond

A primer on navigating the complex terrain of agriculture commodity markets. Learn how to balance leadership and personal relationships while navigating management in various situations.


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Navigating control: Balancing leadership and relationships

Learn how to balance leadership and personal relationships while navigating management in various situations.

Bee-cause they can

Company uses bees to apply, on demand, fungicide to plants.

Great expectations

Canadian predictions for corn, soybeans, and wheat and the dickens of a time it may have as it plays out against the complex machinations of a global background.

Moving Canada’s grain

CN and CPKC railroads detail their plans to provide Canada’s agricultural communities with the best possible service. But a port strike and continued episodes of wet weather can derail those plans.

Investing in the future of Canadian ag exports – disrupt logistics

In the August 2023 CAAR Communicator, I rambled at length on the dock worker strike disrupting British Columbia ports and essentially shutting down a significant volume of Canadian exports to Asia.

CN to modernize 60 more locomotives

Working with Wabtec, the program will improve the fuel efficiency and performance of the railroad’s fleet.

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Members of Parliament unanimously passed a motion Wednesday to prolong for one year the rail transport provisions enacted temporarily in 2014 under the Fair Rail for Grain Farmers Act.

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Two shipments of wheat have been rejected by Egypt for containing trace levels of the ergot fungus, the Western Producer reports.

Portage la Prairie will welcome over 150 growers, researchers and agronomists from the canola industry to join the fun at the first Manitoba canolaPALOOZA event on Tuesday, June 21st.

Manipulator, a plant growth regulator introduced to Canada by Engage Agro in 2015, has not been approved for wheat exports into the U.S.

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