CAAR logoCAAR is the only Canadian national association dedicated to representing agri-retailers across Canada. Agri-retailers actively support Canadian growers in the production of the highest quality food possible by protecting food quality, protecting farm productivity, and long-term sustainability of our industry.

CAAR and our members are proud to be a valuable partner in Canadian agriculture, and our collective values can be encompassed in three words: produce, protect, proud.


  • CAAR members partner with Canadian growers to efficiently produce among the highest quality food in the world.
  • Provide growers with the products, equipment, agronomy technologies, and services they need to sustainably produce their crops.
  • Support growers with up to date knowledge on producing their crops safely, efficiently and with top quality standards, sustainability and security in mind.
  • Assist growers in embracing and implementing regulations, protocols and safety standards for crop production.


  • CAAR members support growers to protect their crops, land, and livelihood ensuring long-term food safety and sustainability.
  • Provide the products, equipment, technology and services that growers need to protect the quality and productivity of their crops, land and businesses.
  • Support programs that promote best management practices ensuring safety, sustainability and prosperity for retailers, growers, the public and the environment.
  • Work together to protect the future of agriculture for generations to come.


  • CAAR members are proud advocates of science, business, and culture of Canadian agriculture.
  • Stand behind the science of agriculture and support innovation that leads to positive impacts for the agricultural industry.
  • Support programs that encourage education, discussion and a clear understanding about Canadian agriculture.
  • Are proud to contribute to the achievements of the industry.

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