Human resources can be a time-consuming and sometimes frustrating part of running a business. Often, it’s the simplest things, like having the correct forms on hand to deal with an employee issue, that can bring the most aggravation. Read on to see how a free perk for CAAR members can help make handling HR a breeze.

Through the CAAR Perk$ program, CAAR members have free access to the entire suite of human resources solutions at TwoGreySuits. This includes over 1,800 pages of downloadable HR documents, online employee engagement management training and a 24/7 HR Hotline for those times when you need some expert advice from an HR professional.

Don’t spend hours scouring the internet for the information and forms you need. Whether you have one employee or hundreds, TwoGreySuits can help you manage your retail’s human resources – and it’s all in one place, at the click of a mouse.

Here are 10 great reasons to use TwoGreySuits today:

  1. You want to build a stronger team
  2. You want to set objectives for your direct reports
  3. You have an employee with an attendance problem
  4. You need a job descriptions for everyone in your organization
  5. You are hiring and need interview questions, interview tips and a reference check form
  6. You found the perfect candidate and now you need an offer letter
  7. You need a performance review form
  8. You need a warning or termination letter
  9. You need to coach your employees to solve their own problems more effectively
  10. You need a social media policy for your employees

These are just some of the HR resources you’ll find in the HR Power Centre at TwoGreySuits. For more information on how to access this free CAAR Perk, visit the CAAR Perk$ page now!

Read about how boosting employee engagement can help your business improve its bottom line in the October 2018 Communicator: Engaging Expertise

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