CAAR members are encouraged to submit comments to the Canada Grains Council on the Market Acceptance of Pesticide Use Policy. The Canada Grains Councils is consulting stakeholders until August 31, 2019 on a new framework to manage trade compliance risk related to pesticide use. Read more for details on how to view the consultation materials and submit comments.

CAAR has had a seat around the table in a Canada Grains Council (CGC) policy initiative that is related to recommendations and is coming close to completion. Before the policy is finalized this fall, CAAR members are invited to view the draft policy and submit comments. 

As CAAR members are aware, the pesticide recommendations for growers that are found at are created by inconsistencies in registration processes around the world (and not safety issues). Trade risks are created by delays in product approvals, misaligned maximum residue levels (MRLs), missing MRLs, and cases where there are unclear import residue limits for pesticides.  

The CGC initiative has been to develop a policy that specifies a consistent approach for all value chain participants when making those recommendations. The policy attempts to strike the right balance between the twin goals of maintaining market access for commodities while encouraging the commercialization of crop protection products that aid the production of those commodities.

The consultation period ends August 31, 2019. Click here for more information and the link to the draft policy document.

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