The Canadian fertilizer industry has a lot to be proud of, and CAAR would like to encourage all of its members to celebrate the advancements and achievements of the industry by participating in Global Fertilizer Day on October 13. Read to learn more about Global Fertilizer Day and see the shareable Canadian Fertilizer Industry Quiz, created by Fertilizer Canada.

CAAR members are global leaders in fertilizer sustainability, using practices like 4R Nutrient Stewardship to feed the world while preserving healthy soils for future generations of Canadians. We invite you to join us as we celebrate the industry’s commitment to innovative food production.

Download Resources

Visit to download resources including posters, social media graphics and more that are ready for your company to use to celebrate the accomplishments of our industry.

Fertilizer Canada has drafted sample tweets that are ready to share to make it easier than ever to share your fertilizer pride. Here’s just one example you can find on their website: Widespread adoption of agricultural technologies and #fertilizer has lifted billions out of poverty and famine. #FertilizerDay

You can also use the hashtag #fertilizerproud on Twitter to share your story of why you’re proud to be a part of the Canadian fertilizer industry. Tag @CdnAgRetail to share your story with CAAR, we look forward to seeing our members share their stories!

Take the Quiz

So, you think you know everything about fertilizer? Click here to take the interactive Canadian Fertilizer Industry Quiz, created by Fertilizer Canada. Share the quiz with a friend, a family member or a colleague to test their knowledge and get them thinking about the way fertilizer has shaped all of our lives.

CAAR Members are Committed to Excellence

Click here to read about how Nutrien Ag Solutions (Canada) incorporated 4R practices across their retails. Nutrien Ag Solutions was the recipient of CAAR’s 4R Nutrient Stewardship Agri-Retailer Award, sponsored by Fertilizer Canada, at the 2019 CAAR Conference.

Click here to read about Setterington’s Fertilizer and AGRIS Co-operative, two CAAR member retailers leading the Ontario fertilizer industry by achieving provincial 4R Certification.

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