National Soil Conservation Week starts on Sunday, April 19. This event, led by the Soil Conservation Council of Canada, is the perfect opportunity for everyone in the industry to celebrate soil and reflect on one of our most precious resources. 

Observed annually in the third week of April, National Soil Conservation Week (NSCW) serves as a platform for the Soil Conservation Council of Canada (SCCC) to bring their message to a broader audience. From April 19-25, Canadians are encouraged to think about the profound impact that soil has on their lives and their livelihoods – whether they are directly involved in agriculture or not.

Soil Your Undies

One of the most engaging components of NSCW is the “Soil Your Undies” challenge. Anyone can take part in the challenge – farmers, agronomists and even schoolchildren are encouraged to bury a pair of white, 100% cotton briefs in the soil. After a couple of months, the underwear are removed to demonstrate the biological activity in the soil. If little fabric remains, the soil has good activity.

Learn how to take part in the #soilyourundies challenge here: Soil Your Undies Challenge

Thank you for making soil health a priority!

Soil Conservation Week also gives CAAR an opportunity to recognize its members for their many contributions to soil conservation.

Every day, ag retailers across the country demonstrate a commitment to helping their customers protect Canada’s precious agricultural soils for future generations. During National Soil Conservation Week, CAAR thanks members for making soil health a priority.

By helping customers make the best decisions for their land and committing to programs like 4R Nutrient Stewardship, retailers are taking action to improve soil health and helping to strengthen Canada’s role as a world leader in soil conservation.

Raising the Profile of Soil

Last October, the SCCC hosted the 2019 Summit on Canadian Soil Health. The event was intended to shine a spotlight on soil and get Canadians thinking about soil as being just as important to them as air and water. In 2020, the SCCC will be working with stakeholders inside and outside the industry to further that goal.

The key priorities for SCCC in 2020 are:

  • Identify high priority areas of research to drive appropriate actions and investment in production practices that ensure the sustainability of Canadian, soils.
  • Increase the quality, quantity and access to soil health and conservation information available to producers and ag professionals in Canada
  • Use the best available information, experience and advice to inform decisions of public and private sector decisions on future investments in policy and program that supports soil conservation and health in Canada
  • Raise the awareness of the connection between soil health and conservation and the well-being of Canadians and make soil as important as air and water.

About the Soil Conservation Council of Canada

"The SCCC is the face and voice of soil conservation and health in Canada. We are the only national organization working with partners from across the value chain to actively raise public awareness, advocate for government and industry investments, promote the benefits of improved soils and demonstrate best management practices to achieve healthier soils across the agricultural landscape."

Join the soil health movement. Become a member of the Soil Conservation Council of Canada and add your voice to ensure the benefits of healthy soils continue.

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