Membership with CAAR enables you to focus your attention on your business; while trusting CAAR to share the regulatory, compliance and advocacy information you need to know when you need to know it. Keep reading for more details about the services CAAR provides to our members to benefit your retail businesses.

CAAR’s advocacy work, regulatory compliance support and training programs, annual conference, and communications services are of benefit to all ag retail businesses, and is proud to offer them at minimal or no cost to members.

As a CAAR member, you receive:

  • Access to continuing education programs to maintain your status as a trusted resource for your customers;
  • Opportunities to forge new and strengthen existing business relationships at the annual CAAR Conference;
  • Timely and informative communications keeping you up to date with the latest industry news, trends, and regulations.

As a CAAR member, you are a part of a national unified voice:

  • CAAR advocates on behalf of the business of ag retail;
  • CAAR protects your employees, customers and the public through a continued emphasis on maintaining and exceeding safety and security standards;
  • CAAR ensures the long-term environmental, economic and social sustainability of the ag retail industry by supporting best management practices and transparency in business.

As a CAAR member, you are proud to:

  • Stand behind the science of agriculture and support innovations that lead to positive impacts for the agriculture industry;
  • Support programs that encourage education, discussion and a clear understanding about Canadian agriculture;
  • Contribute to the achievements of the Canadian agriculture industry.

Thank You CAAR Members

CAAR’s success is driven by the size of membership the association represents. Every member makes a difference and strengthens CAAR’s ability to influence decision makers and regulators.

Thank you to all of the CAAR members who renewed their 2020/21 membership. CAAR would not be able to continuously produce valuable programs and services as well as advocate on behalf of Canada’s ag retailers without the support of our members. See the list below for who has renewed their 2020/21 CAAR membership.

  • Ag World Inc.
  • Agco Corporation
  • Aglink
  • Agri-Turf Inc.
  • Agrian Inc.
  • Agrico Canada L.P.
  • AgriTeam Services Inc.
  • Agronomy Company of Canada
  • Albaugh
  • Andres Farm Services Ltd.
  • Arctic Fox Logistics
  • Arysta LifeScience Canada
  • Aylsham Agro
  • Backswath Management Inc.
  • Bashaw Crop Services
  • Bayer CropScience Inc. - Interag
  • Border Chemical Company Ltd.
  • BrettYoung
  • Brussels Agromart Ltd.
  • Can Grow Crop Solutions Inc.
  • CF Industries
  • Circle T Agra
  • Clearview Agro Ltd.
  • CORE Ag Inputs Ltd.
  • CWS Logistics LTD.
  • D & L Chapman Farms Ltd.
  • Dauphin Consumers Co-op Agro
  • Dickson Fertilizer (1982) Ltd.
  • Domain Co-op
  • Doyle Equipment Manufacturing Company
  • DyTerra Corporation
  • Emerge Ag Solutions
  • Future Four Agro Inc.
  • Galvin Farms Ltd.
  • GFL Environmental
  • Glen Dale Agra Services Ltd.
  • Glenn Dickson
  • Grow Plan Fertilizer Ltd.
  • HardRock Enterprises Ltd.
  • Heritage Co-op 1997 Ltd.
  • Hetland Seeds 1996 Ltd.
  • Hi Tech Installations Ltd.
  • Holmes Agro Ltd.
  • Horizon Fertilizers Ltd.
  • Hub International
  • Independent Crop Inputs
  • Innova Ag Solutions Inc.
  • Innovative Ag Performance Group Inc.
  • International Raw Materials Ltd.
  • Jonair Ltd.
  • Kaemingh Fuels Ltd.
  • KARE Ag Services Ltd.
  • Keg River Chemical Corp.
  • Kornkven Farm Sales
  • Lincoln Farm Supply Ltd.
  • Lloydminster & District Co-operative Ltd.
  • MacGregor Agri-Sales Ltd.
  • Marcus Construction
  • MC AG Solutions Inc.
  • McEwen's Fuels & Fertilizers Ltd.
  • Meridian Manufacturing Inc.
  • MK Agro Ltd.
  • Nachurs Alpine Solutions
  • Neepawa Gladstone Co-op
  • Northstar Systems Inc.
  • Northumberland Grain Inc.
  • Novid Inc.
  • Nutrien
  • Okanagan Fertilizer Ltd.
  • Olds Fertilizers & Agri Services Ltd.
  • Orchard Transport Ltd.
  • Paragon Ag Services Ltd.
  • Paterson Global Foods
  • Pattie Ganske
  • Portage Agri-Sales Ltd.
  • Prairie Giants Supply
  • Prairie Sky Aviation
  • ProSoils Inc.
  • Pulses Ag
  • Q-Line Trucking Ltd.
  • Rack Petroleum Ltd.
  • Ranco Fertiservice Inc.
  • Ray Agro & Petroleum Ltd.
  • Redfern Farm Services Ltd.
  • Rempel Insurance Brokers
  • Ren Gro Fertilizer Ltd.
  • Rosenort Agro Ltd.
  • Rotam North America
  • Setter Manufacturing Division
  • Sinnott Farm Services Ltd.
  • Soil Tech Services Ltd.
  • South Peace Distributors Ltd.
  • St. Joseph Co-op
  • Stoller Enterprises Ltd.
  • Stueve Canada Ltd.
  • Sturgeon Valley Fertilizers
  • Super Seed Inc.
  • Superior Agri Systems Ltd.
  • Sylvite Agri Services Ltd.
  • Terraco
  • TerraLink Horticulture Inc.
  • The Mosaic Company
  • Tiger Sul Canada Co.
  • Tronia Systems Ltd.
  • Turko Fertilizers
  • Twin Valley Co-op Ltd.
  • UFA Co-operatives Ltd.
  • Veikle Agro Inc.
  • Veritas Farm Business Management
  • Wanstead Farmers Co-operative Company Ltd.
  • Warrington Agrodynamic Ltd.
  • Wood-Ko Farms Ltd.

CAAR Membership Renewal Reminder

CAAR 2020/21 membership payments were due in June 2020, and we are encouraging all members who haven’t yet completed their renewals to contact the CAAR office and continue to support and strengthen the association.

For more information about CAAR and membership renewal, please visit or contact the CAAR office at 204-989-9300 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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