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CAAR is pleased to announce Scott Downey, one of the keynote speakers scheduled to present at the 2021 Virtual CAAR Conference, will discuss how the sales and decision-making process has evolved within the farm business and understanding a customer's journey approach can help strengthen the relationship with your customers. 


Canadian farmers are more educated today than at any point in history. As a result of this, retail salespeople are moving from product and solution selling to predictive sales approaches.

In this 45-minute keynote session, Scott will discuss what that means for retailers and how understanding the customer’s journey can help identify ways to deepen relationships with customers.

Attending this virtual session will help you understand:
- how the sales process has evolved from product selling to predictive selling in response to a changing landscape of farm businesses;
- how the decision process of farmers in the predictive era requires a deep understanding of the farm business that extends beyond needs-based approaches;
- how a customer’s journey approach can be used to identify opportunities for deepening relationships with customers in targeted segments.

About Scott Downey

A Professor of Sales and Marketing in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Director of the Center for Food and Agricultural Business at Purdue University. Scott Downey is author of the book, ProSelling: A Professional Approach to Selling in Agriculture and Other Industries, and has received national teaching awards for his work in one of the largest sales courses in the North America. He is also a frequent speaker and consultant to Fortune 500 companies and industry organizations on farmer buying behavior.

Scott is best known for his work on agribusiness sales process improvement and sales management topics and has addressed professional audiences in more than a dozen countries around the world.

2021 Virtual CAAR Conference

Featuring educational keynote and concurrent sessions, the 2021 Virtual CAAR Conference offers valuable opportunities to engage with retailers, exhibitors, and industry reps from the industry, and resources for ag retailers to evolve and provide the best service for their customers.

We will be announcing speakers and agenda details over the next few weeks for our virtual event, stay up-to-date by visiting the CAAR Conference page, reading the CAAR Communicator Magazine and the CAAR Network bi-weekly newsletter.




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