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Under the authority of the Pest Control Products Act and based on the evaluation of currently available scientific information, Health Canada is cancelling outdoor uses of chlorpyrifos except for a limited list of uses that require mitigation measures, due to risks to the environment that have not been shown to be acceptable.

Re-evaluation decision for chlorpyrifos on the environment

The following uses are acceptable from an environmental perspective with required mitigation measures:
 • Standing water (temporary pools for larval mosquito control)
 • Outdoor adult mosquito control
 • Structural indoor and outdoor (non-residential)
 • Outdoor ornamentals (container stock root immersion only) for control of Japanese beetle larvae
 • Elm bark beetle and mountain pine beetle control
 • Greenhouse ornamentals

Cancelled uses with an extended phase-out schedule:

The following two cancelled uses were found to lack suitable alternatives:
 • Canola – for alfalfa looper control
 • Garlic – for dark sided and red backed cutworm

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