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Since 2011, as a result of Fertilizer Canada’s engagement with the federal and provincial governments, anhydrous ammonia carriers transporting anhydrous ammonia or UAN fertilizer have been able to operate under an ‘Hours of Service’ exemption from Transport Canada.

This exemption allows extra-provincial trucks and their drivers to operate under a more flexible work schedule during the spring seeding season.

By fulfilling a number of pre-conditions, including completing training requirements, fatigue management education, and monitoring programs, drivers can work longer hours before having to take mandatory rest hours.

These rigorous training and monitoring requirements ensure that these important fertilizers are delivered safely, and on time, to ag retailers and farmers during the busiest time of year.

The current exemption permit was last renewed in 2016, and for the past five years, carriers have been able to operate with the flexibilities of the permit to get our products to farmers safely and on time.

Fertilizer Canada is currently working with the government on a renewal of the exemption permit for the next five years.

Click here for more information on how to apply for the exemption and carrier responsibilities.

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