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The Agrichemical Warehouse Standards Association (AWSA) has released a Revised COVID-19 Auditing Policy. Effective August 1, 2021 audits can be completed either virtually or in-person.

Ag-retailers have the option of booking an in-person audit or a virtual audit for any of the codes audited by AWSA subject to the following conditions:

  • The ag-retailer has the choice of either a virtual or in-person audit.
  • Auditors also have a choice of completing an audit virtually or in-person depending on their individual circumstances.
  • Both parties must agree to either an in-person audit or a virtual audit.
  • Provincial COVID-19 guidelines must permit in-person visits. Based on a July 1, 2021 review of provincial reopening plans, an in-person audit is permissible in all provinces. Please ensure you remain current with your provincial guidelines. If a provincial guideline changes which disallows in-person visits, all in-person audits will convert to virtual audits.
  • If an in-person audit is to be completed, the following additional conditions apply:
    • All parties will complete a COVID-19 symptom assessment and be symptom free (see waiver).
    • Social distancing is practised at all times during the audit.
    • Face masks are to be worn at all times during the audit.
    • A COVID-19 waiver is completed.
    • Adherence to all ag-retailer COVID-19 related policies.

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