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By now you and your team should have received the CAAR Communicator August issue.The August 2021 issue of The CAAR Communicator magazine is now available in print and online.

In the August issue you can read about CAAR news, the impact of carbon tax, disentangling misinformation, Fertilizer Canada’s partnership with ag retailers, ag retailer safety tips and more!

The issue expands on a variety of topics ways to develop and differentiate your agricultural business in a competitive selling market. It features industry insights and ideas from speakers of the 2021 Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers Conference, explaining the value of benchmarking, the customer journey map and how to attract employees to your organization.

The August CAAR Communicator continues to showcase CAAR’s Board of Directors and their insights on strengthening the agriculture retail industry. Stan Loewen, Chair of Advocacy Committee, describes his experience as a CAAR member and the value of ag retail voice to advocacy.

In case you missed it, it features the following articles:

  • What will lower clethodim MRL’s mean for Canadian Ag Retailers and Farmers?
  • Value of Ag Retail Voice to Advocacy.
  • Get to know fellow CAAR Retailers
  • Carbon Tax Update: Impact on the Canadian Ag Industry
  • Disentangling the Disinformation Landscape
  • CAAR Congratulates Jeff Holmes Winner of the CAAR Retailer Hall of Fame Award.
  • Fertilizer Canada Working in Partnership with Ag Retailers
  • The Value of Ag Tech to the Retail Channel
  • Selling Today involves understanding the Evolving Customer Journey
  • Ag Retailer Tips for Safety
  • The Value of Benchmarking Your Business
  • Attracting New Employees

If some of your team members are not receiving the CAAR Communicator Magazine and you would like them to, please send a note to Lady Gabilo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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