Time to rethink bins

With every little detail rethought and redesigned to be stronger and protect better, EVO 50 grain bins are worth thinking about. (Sponsored Content)

We've Rethought Grain Bin Design

It’s not every day you need a new grain bin for your operation. But we just rethought the entire thing so now is a great time to think about it. 50 years in the making, EVO 50 has been redesigned from the smallest details out, making it stronger than any other grain bin on the market.

Some details to think about: 

Better bolt design
Our optimized bolt pattern allows us to use fewer bolts - which means fewer opportunities for water to get in. Plus, our hardware is even more durable with 4X corrosion protection, and includes an advanced sealing system for a water-tight seal.

Interlaced Sheets
Interlaced laminated sheets maximize strength and push the water flow out the ends, reducing any chance of water getting inside. We’ve also upped the protection against water by adding a conical sealing washer to both the bolt and nut on laminated sheets.

Double Length Sidewall Sheets
These innovative sheets reduce vertical seams by 50% and the number of bolts by up to 50%, resulting in significantly fewer opportunities for water infiltration. Learn more about how every redesigned detail delivers more protection here.

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