Saskatchewan Cleanfarms Empty Bag Collection

For CAAR Saskatchewan members, the association has once again successfully renewed the SGI Letter of Approval to Anhydrous Ammonia or Fertilizer Distributors, expiring Dec. 31, 2022.

This letter is available for Saskatchewan CAAR members only, approving the operation of vehicles towing an applicator tank or fertilizer spreader owned by an anhydrous ammonia or fertilizer distributor subject to specific conditions outlined in the letter. Please refer to the letter for details and conditions.

Click here to view full details and download the 2022 SGI Permit.

The SGI permit must be carried by the operator of a towing vehicle and must be presented upon the demand of an enforcement officer.

The distributor is responsible to ensure the vehicle operator complies with the conditions stated in the letter when either a distributor’s or non-distributor’s vehicle is used to tow an applicator tank or fertilizer spreader owned by the distributor.


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