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AGI Fertilizer Systems, formerly Yargus Manufacturing and Junge Control, produces dry and liquid fertilizer handling products, consisting of a wide range of premium bulk blending and material handling equipment that is shipped worldwide for agricultural and industrial uses.(Sponsored Content.)

AGI Fertilizer Systems product line is the largest and most advanced in the industry. The company’s customers look to AGI for a solution to all their bulk handling needs as many options are available and systems can be custom designed as required.

The flagship blending system for the dry fertilizer handling line is the fully automated Declining Weight System. The advanced technology of the Declining Weight System results in a blending system that is one of the most accurate and fastest available today.

AGI Fertilizer Systems provides dedicated in-house technicians that have developed the unique AGI Plant Manager integrated software, that unifies a plants liquid and dry inventory and tracking systems in one user friendly program. AGI provides a variety of enhancements over many other systems, including remote operational capabilities, reporting, diagnostics, and software updates via a dedicated Ethernet connection.

In addition, AGI Fertilizer Systems engineers have developed a coating system to accurately deliver liquids and powders onto dry fertilizer blends utilizing automation technology. The Automated Coating System provides a new level of coating accuracy for a stand-alone coating system or for coating (impregnating) in an automated blending system. The unique metering and mixing chamber provides accurate results as the PLC (computer) monitors the flow of the product as well as the flow of the liquid or powder during the coating process.

As the industry moves towards a value-added balanced fertilization approach with new innovative additives such as urea inhibitors, micronized micronutrient powders, and phosphate enhancement additives, these products need to be applied accurately to either a single fertilizer or to the entire blend. The automated coating systems will accurately apply both liquids and powders for each required process, thus providing the manufacturers and customers with a tool to accurately apply the products with traditional fertilizer blends.

The automated coating system delivers both liquids and powders utilizing specially designed metering methods that minimize the operator exposure. While the systems can be used with smaller packaged materials, larger bulk tote and bulk application systems will help to minimize operator exposure during the blending process. For example, with the Automated Liquid coating system several bulk totes can be connected in series to provide a long-lasting supply of the liquid during the blending process.

The AGI Fertilizer Systems Batch Blending line up consists of a variety of systems, such as the Single Unit (Open Top) System, the Tapered Vertical System and the Rotary Blend System.

In addition to a wide range of single batch blending systems, AGI Fertilizer Systems also designs an automated Tower Blender System. The Tower Blend System is designed for high-capacity retail or wholesale use, providing another efficient fertilizer handling option for customers.

AGI also provides a range of conveying and in-plant receiving systems with a very wide range of capacities. The vast range in tonnage allows AGI to cater to a wide variety of customer demands. AGI is continually updating its extensive product line in order to meet the needs of industry, not only at home in the USA, but throughout the world.

The AGI Fertilizer Systems Sales and Engineering team works closely with its customers to design material handling systems to better suit their requirements for improved efficiencies and cost benefits.

For more information on the AGI Fertilizer Systems product line, please visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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