AAFC Technical Workshops on Fertilizer Emissions

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada will be holding a technical workshop on its recently released fertilizer emissions reduction target.

The first set of sessions will take place on September 14 and September 16 from 1:00 – 4:00PM EDT and will cover beneficial management practices (BMPs) as they pertain to the target.

The workshops will include presentations and panel discussions, as well as an opportunity for those who work in agri-retail as well as other areas of agriculture to ask questions of experts from AAFC, academia and industry.

There will also be an interactive component to get input on strategies and approaches that will support increased adoption of BMPs across Canada.

Both workshops (September 14 and September 16) will cover the same material.

The third session will take place on September 19, from 1:00 - 4:00 PM EDT and will cover data and measurement of fertilizer emissions. The workshop will begin with presentations from the Government of Canada on the current status of reporting in the National Inventory Report (NIR), as well as planned improvements, gaps, challenges and opportunities. Following the presentations there will be interactive discussions around two main themes related to how nitrous oxide emissions are reflected in Canada’s NIR: Part One will explore the state of science; and Part Two will be on data.

To attend any of the workshops, you must register in advance. Register Now to ensure the voice of the Agri-Retail industry is heard.


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