On Wednesday, Fertilizer Canada introduced Vision 2020 - a comprehensive framework to achieve successful advocacy outcomes and ensure exceptional member value into the next decade.

"To address the issues of today and meet the challenges of tomorrow, our association embarked on a strategic planning exercise," said Garth Whyte, President and CEO of Fertilizer Canada. "Vision 2020 aligns our core priorities with the changing needs of industry, and lays the groundwork for maximizing member value and performance."

Vision 2020 is a strategic framework which illustrates Fertilizer Canada's new vision statement: "We will advance the safe, secure, and sustainable production and use of fertilizer, through proactive science-based programs, innovation, and advocacy – benefitting Canada and the world."

Fertilizer Canada's efforts will focus on five pillars — centered on the issues that impact our members most:

  • Stewardship: Promote environmentally responsible and sustainable use of our products, thereby earning the social license required for our members to operate;
  • Safety and security: Ensure public safety of fertilizer products through compliance and enforcement of standardized product handling procedures which prevent loss of life and property;
  • Business environment: Influence decision makers across federal, provincial and local jurisdictions to ensure predictable and prosperous business conditions;
  • Industry reputation: Increase public trust and brand awareness through communications and education on the economic, environmental, and social impacts of the fertilizer industry in Canada and the world; and
  • Organizational excellence: Foster a positive workplace that produces high levels of member satisfaction, employee engagement, and effective and efficient operations.

These pillars will serve as the driving force behind Fertilizer Canada's championing of the industry and help the association to foster member prosperity, productivity, and performance.

"With these core functions defined, Fertilizer Canada will elevate our programs and advocate on behalf of our members from a position of strength," said Whyte. "I believe we will not only achieve these goals, but we will surpass them, standing as the unifying voice representing one of Canada's most critical industries."

Fertilizer Canada's Vision 2020 was launched today at the association's 71st Annual Conference in Mont Tremblant, Quebec. The Vision 2020 action plan is further detailed in Fertilizer Canada's 2016 Annual Report. For more information, please visit fertilizercanada.ca.

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