Trish Meyers, PAg, CCA, the knowledge and innovation manager of crop supplies at Federated Co-operatives Ltd., recently took the “Investing in Certified Seed” course and says it is something she would “absolutely” recommend.

Developed by CSGA and promoted through CAAR, the course was designed to help Canadian seed retailers develop the knowledge required to inform grower customers about the benefits of Certified seed for individual growers and the Canadian seed industry.

Meyers says she believed she had a good understanding of Certified seed and its values to the grower before she took the course, but it served as a great reminder.

“I think if I were a retail agronomist, the module would prompt me to have constructive conversations with growers because I would have a clear understanding of Certified seed,” she says. “The module outlined how to approach that conversation with growers.”

Course Fees:

CAAR Members: $10
Non-CAAR Members: $15
CSGA Members: $10

According to Meyers, the course does a great job of explaining the benefits of Certified seed to a farmer and equips agronomists about why there’s a cost to bin-run seed and weighing the benefits of Certified seed.

“I think at the end of the day, an agronomist can have that discussion with growers and navigate them through the choice of common or bin-run compared to Certified seed and bring value to that grower,” she says.

There is value in Certified seed and CAAR agrees the course is a valuable resource for its members.

“We are thrilled with the opportunity to partner with CSGA on this unique course,” says Delaney Ross Burtnack, president and CEO of CAAR. “It expands CAAR’s support for retailers by introducing the first seed-related course in our training library, and the first sales training course that can build confidence in both experienced and junior salespeople through a full understanding of the quality assurance, innovation, traceability, and return on investment Canadian farmers receive when they purchase Certified seed.”

Meyers says that there is value in understanding the impact Certified seed has in the value chain when helping growers make their seed decisions.

“There are things we don’t always think about. For example thanks to Certified seed and the investment in it, new traits are brought to market,” she says. “So when you think about wheat midge tolerance for example, it’s because of that value chain within Certified seed that a trait like that could be delivered to farmers. That adds huge value to a grower.”

She says that there’s a lot at risk with bin-run seed and growers don’t always save money. “Particularly when you think about all the other investment going into that crop,” she says. “Investments in crop nutrition, crop protection and equipment costs – a grower needs to make sure that they’re setting that crop up for success.”

She adds that retail agronomists will look at this 20-minute course and consider it to be time well spent. “And why is this conversation important with your grower customers? Because you will be adding value to their farm,” says Meyers.

“I don’t know how many growers really stop and think, ‘What am I risking in not purchasing Certified seed?’ I think there’s an assurance and a guarantee that will certainly help production on the farm.”

By taking this course, Certified Crop Advisors are also eligible to receive 0.5 CEU credits in Crop Management.

Click here to learn more about the “Investing in Certified Seed” course.

Course Fees:

CAAR Members: $10
Non-CAAR Members: $15
CSGA Members: $10

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