CAAR is pleased to have been one of the key stakeholders in discussions with Manitoba Sustainable Development regarding the need for a provincial variance, as identified in consultations with CAAR members in Manitoba.

Weather and soil conditions created challenges for fall fertilizer application, and CAAR appreciates that this variance recognized this and allowed Manitoba producers more time to efficiently manage their land. CAAR will meet with Manitoba Sustainable Development again on Monday, November 21 to discuss whether conditions may allow for an additional variance.

Please note that if the weather changes or snow falls, this extension may be rescinded. We encourage you to monitor for the most recent dates and restrictions.

Please see press release from Manitoba Sustainable Development below for more information:


Manitoba Sustainable Development advises the winter nutrient application ban has been further extended until Nov. 22 as soil temperatures have not yet reached the freezing point. This means nutrients can be applied until midnight on Nov. 21.

Restrictions are designed to ensure nutrients are not applied when the ground is frozen and to protect the water quality of Manitoba’s lakes and rivers by reducing nutrient loading to waterways.

At this time, nutrient application is allowed but certain conditions must be met:

• nutrients can only be surface applied if they are immediately incorporated; and

• nutrients should not be applied in instances where the weather outlook is unfavourable,
   such as if snow or an appreciable amount of rainfall is expected that would result in run-off.

Without a variance, the standard ban on winter nutrient application begins Nov. 10 and ends at midnight on April 10. Decisions about variations are based on actual soil temperatures, the presence of snow cover and the long-term weather forecast. When a variance is authorized, it applies to forms of nutrients such as livestock manure and inorganic fertilizer.

The process for varying nutrient application dates was developed in consultation with the Keystone Agricultural Producers, the Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers and the commercial manure applicator industry.

Additional information on winter spreading restrictions and the conditions necessary for a variance are online at


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