Editor’s note: For the most up to date information on CAAR’s Equivalency and Temporary Certificates regarding the B620/622 changes please refer to Member Alert: Update on CAAR’s Equivalency Certificate and Temporary Certificate.

The Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers (CAAR), in conjunction with Fertilizer Canada, has been engaged in ongoing communications with Transport Canada ensuring that the needs of the agri-retail industry for the Spring 2018 season are represented. Critical updates regarding CSA B620/622-14 are linked below. If you have questions or would like to discuss in more detail, please reach out at the coordinates below.

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New Standards for Ammonia Nurse Tanks in effect under CSA B620/B622-14

This is a reminder to all Anhydrous Ammonia Code compliant sites that as of January 12, 2018, all ammonia nurse and applicator tanks and transport delivery units (TDU) must be in compliance with new Transport Canada regulations implementing CSA B620/622-14 Standards.

Click here for more information.

CAAR Nurse Tank Safety Program Quality Control Manual Updates Complete

CAAR is pleased to announce that the updates to the Nurse Tank Safety Council of Canada’s (NTSCC) Nurse Tank Safety Program (NTSP) Quality Control (QC) Manual required for compliance to B620-14 have been completed. NTSP program participants can download a complete copy of Version 7 of the NTSCC QC Manual with the link below. A reference chart of changes is also available.

Click here for more information about Version 7 of NTSCC QC Manual.

Addressing Farmer Owned Tanks as Related to B620-14

There has been a significant amount of discussion about the circumstances in which the Equivalency Certificate (EqC) and/or Temporary Certificate (TC) may apply to farmer-owned tanks. CAAR and Fertilizer Canada have engaged Transport Canada directly on developing an option for the use of farmer-owned tanks, which is reflected in the EqC and/or TC, but cautions that the option developed is not a blanket license for farmers to use their own tanks.

Click here for details on criteria for use of CAAR’s EqC (SH 11690) and TC (TH 0653).

Hydrostatic Testing Relief Granted for Spring 2018

Transport Canada has agreed to provide agri-retailers time to complete hydrostatic testing, which will ensure adequate anhydrous ammonia resources for farmers this spring. CAAR has been granted a Temporary Certificate TH 0653 for the 2018 spring seeding season, which will allow members relief for the hydrostatic testing requirements on three year tanks as required by the CSA B620-14.

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