Editor’s note: For the most up to date information on CAAR’s Equivalency and Temporary Certificates regarding the B620/622 changes please refer to Member Alert: Update on CAAR’s Equivalency Certificate and Temporary Certificate.

CAAR is pleased to announce that the updates to the Nurse Tank Safety Council of Canada’s (NTSCC) Nurse Tank Safety Program (NTSP) Quality Control (QC) Manual required for compliance to B620-14 have been completed.

As significant changes to testing and visual inspection requirements have taken effect since the adoption of the CSA B620-14 version as of January 12, 2018, it is recommended that you print the whole document and refrain from removing old pages and changing them with the pages mentioned below to ensure you have an up to date manual. A reference chart summarizing changes is also provided for your information.

CAAR members can download the materials here.

If you do not have a login or require assistance, please contact CAAR’s member services coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.


The Nurse Tank Safety Council of Canada Quality Control manual is provided as a template that in part satisfies the requirements to become a Transport Canada Registered Facility for the inspection, test and retest of highway tanks and portable tanks in accordance with clause 8.1.4 of CSA B620-14. Facilities seeking registration with Transport Canada are responsible for meeting all of the requirements outlined in clause 8.1.4, ensuring their registration is current and this template is customized to meet the specific requirements at each facility.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information published in this manual. The users of this manual must satisfy themselves that the information is appropriate and suitable for their intended use.



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