CAAR has been in contact with Manitoba Sustainable Development regarding the province’s restriction prohibiting the application of nitrogen and phosphorous during the winter and is advising all members that due to current soil and weather conditions, the application ban remains in effect until midnight April 10th. 

Provincial legislation prohibits the application of nitrogen and phosphorus between and including November 10th of one year and April 10th of the following year. Nutrient sources containing nitrogen and/or phosphorus include synthetic fertilizer and livestock manure. The winter spreading restrictions are in place as the application of nutrients onto frozen or snow-covered soils results in an increased risk of nutrient runoff. Nutrient runoff to waterways contributes directly to algal blooms in Lake Winnipeg and elsewhere.

Provincial representatives have informed CAAR that due to soils that are generally snow covered, frozen or both, as well as the forecast for below normal temperatures, it is expected that soils will remain frozen or snow covered past April 10. Therefore, no provincial variance is planned for this spring and nutrients (N and P) cannot be applied before April 11, 2018.

For details on the province’s policies and information on Emergency Manure Spreading Requests follow the links on their website:

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