Safety signage and labelling helps keep employees, customers and the public safe, informed and aware of hazards and safety procedures.

With the news and developments surrounding anhydrous ammonia regulations this spring, compliance is likely top of mind for your operation. Look no further than CAAR Mart! Our online shop is stocked with a full range of products to help retailers meet NH3 compliance, all at special prices for CAAR members.

“Safety and compliance are top priorities for CAAR members,” says Lynda Nicol, CAAR’s director of member services. “We are pleased to offer a wide variety of products, including training materials, signage and decals, to help retailers ensure a safe environment for their employees and customers.”

Shop our online store today for:

Ammonia Tank Warning Decals – Be sure your tanks meet labelling requirements by displaying warning decals to indicate the presence of anhydrous ammonia. Note: All units carrying NH3 must have proper safety markings in place before tanks are filled.

Anhydrous Ammonia Safe Handling Decals – Anhydrous ammonia safe handling decals help ensure the safe handling of NH3 and are a requirement of Transport Canada – find yours in the CAAR Mart.

TDG Hazard Placards and Decals – Transport Canada requires the display of TDG placards on vehicles and tanks to identify dangerous goods and the risks of products being transported. To help retailers meet requirements, CAAR Mart offers both changeable placards and permanent decals.

Training Items – Every person handling, transporting or offering to transport ammonia must be adequately trained and hold a valid certificate. CAAR Mart offers NH3 safe handling literature and certificates to complement training programs.

Don’t forget – CAAR Members save big in the CAAR Mart. Be sure to log-in first to see your special members-only pricing!

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