CAAR is alerting its members of an important issue. On June 14, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) released a report regarding a small number of glyphosate-tolerant wheat plants found in Southern Alberta.

The CFIA announced last week that it had discovered a small number of glyphosate-tolerant wheat plants growing in an isolated access road in southern Alberta last year. After extensive research CFIA has confirmed that the material is not in the grain supply nor was it grown in any commercial fields, meaning it is not part of the food system. CFIA also confirmed that the plants do not pose any risk to human health or the environment.

The CFIA has not found any evidence that plants containing the unapproved genetically modified trait have been grown in commercial wheat fields in Canada. This follows a CFIA inspection that actively examined a farmers’ adjacent fields, as well as on-farm stored grain.

It is important to note that the Canadian Grain Commission’s active monitoring program of Canadian export cargos has found no evidence of this event in Canadian wheat shipments and that there is no evidence that this event has entered either food or feed chains.

Several industry groups have issued statements in support of Canadian wheat and of the Canadian grain handling system, both of which CAAR strongly supports.

“Canada’s wheat is of the highest quality. This event showcases that the Canadian grain handling system works to ensure that all product that enters the food and feed systems is above reproach” says Mitch Rezansoff, executive director of CAAR. “CAAR and its members proudly stand alongside Canadian wheat growers and support the high level of safety standards that the industry holds to.”

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