Is each one of your company’s locations represented through CAAR membership? By registering all of your company’s non-member branch locations, you can ensure they enjoy the great benefits of CAAR’s advocacy and regulatory support, training programs and much more. Register additional branches for $335 per location today!

Membership Matters

CAAR’s advocacy work, regulatory compliance support, training programs, annual conference and communications services are designed and executed to benefit all Canadian ag retail businesses. The support of our membership allows us to continue offering these services at little to no cost to members.

CAAR’s Work in 2017-18

In 2017-18, CAAR made significant accomplishments on behalf of our members, and each of these accomplishments was made possible through membership support.

Through its advocacy efforts, CAAR undertook a sustained and dedicated effort to represent retailers in meetings with regulators in discussions on the impact of changes to CSA B620/B622.

To help members remain in compliance with evolving regulations, CAAR made numerous updates to its training programs, resources and communications. CAAR is also in the process of developing additional CSA B620/B622.

As well, CAAR participated in committees, boards and working groups to represent the needs of retailers and remains committed to collaborating wherever possible.

To learn more about CAAR’s work on behalf of its members over this past year, take a look at CAAR’s 2017-18 Year At-A-Glance.

Register Additional Branches Today

By contributing to the association through branch membership, you are helping to ensure the long-term sustainability of your association, and ensuring our programs and services remain available to serve you in the coming years. Make sure all of your company’s branch locations can take advantage of CAAR’s excellent lineup of programming, register additional branches for $335 per location today!

Thank you in advance for your support of CAAR through membership, we look forward to working with you in the coming year.

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