The August 2018 issue of The Communicator magazine is coming soon online and in your mailbox! Keep reading to see what you can expect from the latest issue of your association’s magazine.

The Features

CAAR member Pattison Liquid Systems has developed a 120-ft autonomous sprayer that pairs with the DOT Power Platform. The August issue’s lead story examines the technology looks at the implications an autonomous sprayer has for the ag retail industry.

The Communicator’s second feature story looks at how retailers can emphasize their positions as trusted advisors by conducting efficacy testing on the products they stock. With no industry standard products must before registration, applied research can add value for growers.

The Departments

In Hiring and Inspiring, South Country Co-op agro centre manager Mike May and Do More Ag co-founder Lesley Kelly talk about how retailers can lend their voice to growing mental health conversations in the industry and support positive mental health for both customers and their employees.

When physical and mental health are taken care of, everyone can focus on getting down to business. Updates to the CSA B620/B622 Standards mean annual visual inspections are now required for anhydrous ammonia nurse and applicator tanks. The Yard examines the process to certification and the benefits for retailers.

The issue also delves into how retailers can help keep Canada’s markets open for all by helping their customers correctly time late-season applications, and profiles an Australian innovator who brought his talents to Canada to create opportunities for independent retailers through AgLink Canada.

New With CAAR

With a special preview of the 2019 CAAR Conference, a look at CAAR’s newly re-established industry partnership with the Prairie Certified Crop Adviser board and updates from CAAR Executive Director Mitch Rezansoff and Director of Member Services Lynda Nicol, the August issue brings you up to speed on some of the activities your association has undertaken in recent months to benefit members. 

Don’t miss this great issue, check your mailbox and after August 1 to get the scoop! Do you have a story you want to tell in a future issue? We want to hear it! Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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