Spring weather can be unpredictable during the times growers need to be working in their fields. Wet weather can wreak havoc on fields, adding time and additional cost to an already hectic time of year. For some growers, fall fertilizer application can reduce stress during spring and spread their workload, provided over-winter and early spring nitrogen loss can be prevented. Where appropriate, fall application can reduce compaction and spring workload, allowing more timely planting, and removing issues of storing nitrogen over winter.

ESN is a urea granule encapsulated in a polymer coating that protects nitrogen from loss through leaching, volatilization and denitrification. ESN releases nitrogen in response to soil temperature to more closely match plant demand, allowing growers to plan for spring and have confidence in how much N will remain on the field. For growers that require high amounts of N, ESN provides a wide application window to apply in the fall and again in the spring. ESN releases its nitrogen in response to conditions that trigger plant growth, protecting the nitrogen over winter. ESN is different from some other enhanced efficiency fertilizers because it works by a unique mode of action, providing benefits for a longer time than most inhibitors and stabilizers. Crops get the nitrogen they need when they need it.

Better results for customers, better returns for you. That’s smart.

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