Over the first five days of October, 20 ag retailers throughout northern Saskatchewan will be working with Cleanfarms to hold special collection events for farmers who have unwanted agricultural pesticides and outdated livestock medications they no longer want or need.

Ag retailers in the northern region are encouraged to let farmers know where they can take the unwanted materials at no charge. Program promotional materials have been provided to ag retailers to distribute to farmers. Promotional materials can also be downloaded from Cleanfarms’ website at cleanfarms.ca.

The program is part of Cleanfarms’ efforts to help keep farm communities clean by avoiding disposal of agricultural waste in the environment. Last year, Cleanfarms collected 181,804 kg of unwanted pesticides and 2,804 kg of livestock and equine medications in southern Saskatchewan.

Cleanfarms will dispose of the unwanted materials safely and responsibly. Each special collection event on October 1-5 runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (See poster for collection locations.)

Materials accepted in the Cleanfarms program include:

  • old or unwanted agricultural pesticides (identified with a Pest Control Product number on the label), and
  • livestock medications that are used in the rearing of animals in an agricultural context (identified with a DIN number, serial number or Pest Control Product number on the label.

The program will not accept:

  • fertilizer, diluted solution, large quantities of unopened product, and treated seed.
  • needles/sharps, medicated feed, aerosol containers, premises disinfectants/sanitizers, veterinary clinic waste and medications, ear tags, and aerosols
  • any other household hazardous waste.

The program is funded by the crop protection industry and the Canadian Animal Health Institute and operated by Cleanfarms. A non-profit environmental stewardship organization, Cleanfarms works collaboratively with industry members, agricultural organizations and associations, and the government to ensure that Canadian farmers have opportunities to manage agricultural waste responsibly.

Collection will be scheduled again in southern Saskatchewan in the fall of 2020. Cleanfarms asks that farmers store unwanted pesticides and old livestock medications safely until a collection program returns to the region.

Questions can be directed to Cleanfarms at 877-622-4460 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Twitter users can follow Cleanfarms @cleanfarms.

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