Lesley Kelly farms, blogs at High Heels and Canola Fields and is one of the founders of the Do More Agriculture Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation which, for the last year, has been shining a light on the issue of mental well-being within the ag community. 

After promoting Do More Agriculture online and in person at a variety of events in 2018, Lesley Kelly is eager to bring the foundation’s message to attendees at the 2019 CAAR Conference with her presentation on Wednesday, Feb. 13 at 11:40 a.m.

In a talk that is sure to resonate with all in attendance, Kelly will share her and her family’s own story about mental health, what she’s learned on her journey and why mental health is important to the entire agriculture industry.

“Mental health is something that is part of all of us,” says Kelly. “In the industry, ag retailers play such a key role – whether its working with their staff or with their farming customers and clients.”

She hopes that retailers who attend her presentation will walk away inspired to make mental health a priority in their operations.

“Ag retailers have been really big supporters of Do More Ag and this is our first time in front of that audience, so we’re really excited to be out there,” she says. “My presentation focuses on how conversations matter – how words matter – and how we can each make a positive impact on someone today.”

Read more about how retailers are supporting the mental health conversation in the August Communicator: Cultivating Mental Health

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