Enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEFs) are forms of fertilizer, including nitrogen, designed to reduce nutrient losses to the environment. With fewer nutrients lost, more are available to crops. Nitrogen EEFs, unlike “traditional” forms of nitrogen, are less susceptible to nitrogen loss through leaching, runoff, volatilization or denitrification.

Enhanced efficiency fertilizers currently fall into two broad groups: Inhibitors or stabilizers and slow- or controlled-release products. Urease inhibitors offer short-term protection against volatilization only. Nitrification Inhibitors provide some protection against leaching and denitrification for a period of time. Slow- and controlled-release products release nitrogen over some period of time by a variety of mechanisms. Controlled-release products, a special type of slow-release fertilizer, release nitrogen in a controlled manner over a specified time period, more closely matching rates of plant demand.

The controlled-release solution

Currently, the only controlled-release product available for broad acre farming is ESN® SMART NITROGEN®. ESN consists of a urea granule encapsulated in a flexible polymer coating that releases nitrogen in response to soil temperature – an important trigger for plant growth. Unlike inhibitors or stabilized products, ESN releases nitrogen when your crops need it, reducing losses to the environment.

A smart choice for retailers

Higher performance for your customers builds trust in your recommendations. ESN’s consistent results and strong yields keep customers coming back, year after year. Consistent performance means growers are also likely to increase the acres on which they use ESN. Plus, ESN won’t set up or degrade in storage, thanks to the polymer coating. That means you don’t have to worry about losing your product investment.

From retailer to customer, ESN is the smarter choice for return on investment.

Learn more. Visit SmartNitrogen.com

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