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As Director of AgCareers.com and CareersInFood.com, Kathryn Doan works on leading and developing companies’ business offerings and connecting people to career opportunities across the whole ag value chain.

Operation Ag Careers a Hit with Soldiers

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces and the agriculture sector were treated to a demonstration of Operation Ag Careers yesterday at Amazing Agriculture Adventures, an event co-hosted by CAAR and Ag in the Classroom Manitoba.

Operation Ag Careers

CAAR and CAHRC: Working Together to Bring Job Seekers to Agriculture

What is Operation Ag Careers?
What is Retail.AgriJobMatch.ca?
Military Job Seekers – Apply Today
CAAR Members - Get Involved
How to Support Operation Ag Careers
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CAAR, in partnership with CAHRC is proud to present retail.agrijobmatch.ca – a new customized job board specializing in agriculture jobs and candidate matching.

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What is Operation Ag Careers?

Op Ag LogoSimply put, Operation Ag Careers is an outreach initiative aimed at helping pair retiring military personnel with the phenomenal career opportunities available in agriculture. By sharing the positive outlook for not just agriculture, but the agri-retail industry specifically, it is CAAR’s goal to help bridge the gap between a talented, experienced, and highly skilled segment of job seekers who are likely unaware of the possibilities for a meaningful second career in agriculture.

Operation Ag Careers is a long term initiative. To date, CAAR representatives are proud to have presented at multiple Second Career Assistance Network (SCAN) seminars, a valuable resource for military personnel approaching retirement, as well as to have exhibited at a career expo aimed at military individuals. We also partnered with Agriculture in the Classroom to host military guests at the Amazing Ag Adventures event. The response from those in attendance has been enthusiastic and CAAR is looking for new ways to connect to this audience and introduce them to the world of agriculture.

Operation Ag Careers helps retiring Canadian Armed Forces personnel find a second career in the agriculture industry, and brings a valuable solution to the recruitment challenges that our industry faces.

“There’s a need on both sides – retired or medically discharged veterans looking for meaningful second careers, and agriculture with a vast need for new hires,” says Delaney Ross Burtnack, CAAR President and CEO. “The problem isn’t a lack of opportunity, it’s a lack of understanding on both sides, and that’s where Operation Ag Careers comes in. We are looking to bridge the gap and bring both sides together.”

If you would like more information about Operation Ag Careers, contact Delaney Ross Burtnack, President & CEO, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 204-989-9303.

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What is Retail.AgriJobMatch.ca?

AgriJobMatch is a nationally aggregated job board developed by the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC) as part of the National Agricultural Occupational Framework (NAOF) initiative. This robust job board sweeps hundreds of thousands of jobs posted online, and pulls the tens of thousands of agriculture jobs within that pool into one location, making it the most comprehensive agricultural job board available.

In addition, the AgriJobMatch system features a skill matching tool, where any candidate – including veterans – can enter their skills and competencies into their profile and be matched to career options they may not have considered.

CAAR has launched a customized version of the AgriJobMatch employment site - Retail.AgriJobMatch.ca - in support of CAAR’s Operation Ag Careers outreach initiative. Developed in partnership with CAHRC and with input from the Canadian Armed Forces, this robust platform is a new and valuable tool to help connect job seekers with employers in agriculture. Retail.AgriJobMatch.ca is one of four custom pilot projects under the NAOF parent program, and will feature a unique focus on off-farm employment, primarily in the agri-retail sector.

To learn more about the NAOF parent program that is administered by CAHRC, please visit http://www.cahrc-ccrha.ca/skills-training/national-agricultural-occupational-framework-labour-market-support.

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Military Job Seekers – Apply Today

CAAR is proud to lead the way in introducing the phenomenal career opportunities available in agriculture, and agri-retail specifically, to Canada’s veterans. Agriculture is a business and a science, which means plenty of career opportunities for Canada’s veterans:

  • Logistics
  • Drivers
  • Mechanics
  • Trainers
  • Supply Chain Management
  • HR Management
  • Salespeople
  • Communications / Marketing
  • Technology Knowledge / Application
  • Department / Facility Management
  • Crop Production Management
  • And More!

With 50,000 new jobs in ag expected to be created in the next five years, we encourage you to find your second career in the agriculture industry through Operation Ag Careers!

Click here to begin the search for your next great career on CAAR’s Agriculture Job Board

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CAAR Members - Get Involved!

CAAR LogoCAAR members will find a valuable staffing resource in the Retail.AgriJobMatch.ca database. Specialized features have been developed to make finding qualified candidates fast and efficient, including:

  • An “invitation” feature that allows job posters to suggest their position to desired job seekers
  • “Skillmatching” technology to connect job seekers to applicable positions
  • Customizable job description section for a variety of agri-retail positions, with ongoing development of pre-populated templates during the pilot project phase

The Retail.AgriJobMatch.ca site is safe, searchable, scalable, and thanks to the involvement of CAHRC, offers access to significant agriculture-specific HR expertise.

Click here to connect with job seekers on CAAR’s Agriculture Job Board

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How to Support Operation Ag Careers

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    Donate a product or item to the CAAR Pro-Ag Investments Auction
  • Attend and bid on an item at the CAAR Pro-Ag Investments Auction
  • Make a direct donation to Operation Ag Careers
  • Become a Sponsor

We have achieved nearly 50% of our goal thanks to our Founding Partners Richardson International, Federated Co-Operatives Ltd., and Parrish & Heimbecker.

OpAg sponsors

We still need your help. If you wish to become a Sponsor or donate directly to Operation Ag Careers contact the CAAR Office at 204-989-9300 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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To support Operation Ag Careers and other important CAAR projects through a donation to CAAR Pro-Ag Investments, please click on the link below.

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