Farmers Recycle More Agricultural Plastics

Cleanfarms Collecting Unwanted Old Ag Pesticides this Fall

Cleanfarms has posted its 2022 annual report, showcasing the expansion of on-the-ground programs that Canadian farmers use to manage waste agricultural plastic products and packaging for recycling or safe disposal when they are no longer needed.

A snapshot of EPR obligations on ag plastics in Quebec

A snapshot of EPR obligations on ag plastics to help guide you in Quebec

As previously reported in CAAR Network, in June 2022, Quebec’s Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques implemented regulations regarding the recovery and reclamation of products by companies.  Cleanfarms has prepared a webpage to help decipher the information for those in the agriculture industry.

Be Aware of the Products of Concern for Cereals

You can help your customers protect their investments, and the marketability of their wheat, barley and oats, by being aware of the crop protection products which could create market risk when used on cereal crops. Keep reading for the 2020 products of concern for cereals.

CSTA - Update on Imidacloprid

Since the Trade Winds note and Issues Alert to members, CSTA staff have been working closely with their value chain partners to ensure a collaborative and fulsome response to PMRA's proposed decision to phase out the use of imidacloprid.

CropLife Canada Launches BeeConnected App

The new BeeConnected app, developed by CropLife Australia and adapted for Canadian use by CropLife Canada and the Canadian Honey Council, aims to help protect local bee populations by acting as a conduit between farmers and beekeepers.