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Permits and Forms

We are proud to have been a key part of developing and delivering forms and permits that help you operate your business. Click on the links below to access the forms you need. Note that some pages are for CAAR members only, so you may need to log in. Contact the CAAR office at 800-463-9323 for login assistance.

Government Permits

Available to Members:

  • SGI Permit 2022 (Saskatchewan)

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The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has recently made changes to CSA B620:20 and CSA B622:20. SH 11960.2 Equivalency Certificate will not be renewed as members are expected to be in compliance with the new regulations. A copy of the standard/s can be purchased here: https://www.csagroup.org/store/


Note: The SH 6171 Certificate has been discontinued.

Note: The SH 5142 Certificate has been discontinued.

NTSP Forms

The Nurse Tank Safety Program (NTSP) Quality Control Manual includes a number of sample forms for your convenience. These forms are now available online for CAAR members only. Please click on the name of the form below to download a fillable PDF form.

NTSCC Manual

  • Quality Control Manual Version 8

Inspection and Tank Forms

  • Annual External Visual Inspection Form
  • Hose Assembly Annual Inspection and Testing Form
  • Tank Pressure Test (Hydrostatic) Form
  • Transfer of Ownership Statement
  • Nurse Tank Waiver Agreement (3rd Party Inspection)

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Facility Registration Forms

Application for Facility Registration to Transport Canada.

  • Appendix 2: Complete sample application (form plus all required paperwork) for Registration as a Facility with Transport Canada
  • Application Form only (fillable PDF)

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B620/622-14 Frequently Asked Questions

CAAR, in partnership with its ammonia committee, has developed a Frequently Asked Questions document to help you better understand the changes and to support you in your efforts to remain compliant under the 2014 version if the Standards. All CAAR members are encouraged to review this document in detail. It will be updated on an ongoing basis as new information is available.

Click here to View B620/B622 Frequently Asked Questions

Registered Facilities

Click here to view the list of registered facilities.