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Value of Ag Retail Voice to Advocacy. CAAR, its members, speakers and editorial are our voice

As an independent retailer TerraLink is regularly looking for information on what is happening at both the regulatory and the industry level. Located in the Lower Mainland of BC we are distant from the mainstream ag focused provinces and in south coastal BC there are only a few key dealers who keenly compete against each other, so basically, we are on our own.

CAAR Congratulates Jeff Holmes Winner of the CAAR Retailer Hall of Fame Award.

The Retailer Hall of Fame award was established in 2008 as the “lifetime achievement award” for our industry. This award recognizes an individual who has consistently demonstrated exceptional performance and dedication over time. Jeff Holmes of Holmes Agro is this year’s winner of the CAAR Retailer Hall of Fame Award. 

Disentangling the Disinformation Landscape

In today’s age of advanced technology and connectedness, disinformation has become a product with a market, competing for your knowledge and expertise no matter who you are or where you work.

Continued Evolution of Canadian Agribusiness and Associations

The business environment is changing for Canadian agribusiness, and so too membership associations are being driven to change to accommodate members. Agribusinesses are increasingly beginning to scrutinize which associations they choose to be part of and support. This has more to do with their time constraints and value added, rather than annual dues and participation costs. Selection of membership associations is now more based on alignment with members’ strategic goals and representation and support of the ag industry.

Carbon Tax Update: Impact on the Canadian Ag Industry

Understanding the Carbon Tax

Carbon taxes have a large impact on the profitability and operations of businesses. Jeff Harrison, CPA, CMA, Indirect Tax Partner at MNP LLP recently gave an update on what the carbon tax is and how it might impact the agriculture industry in the future.

Ag Retailer Tips for Safety

Robert Gobeil, Ag Health and Safety Specialist for the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) recently provided insights about safety from an ag retailers’ perspective

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Banner for Fertilizer Canada Working in Partnership with Ag Retailers

Clyde Graham recently spoke about how Fertilizer Canada is working in partnership with ag retailers, several programs and partnerships to promote sustainability.

New regulations in the fertilizer industry have made it easier to register new products and have also streamlined the re-registration process. “Fertilizer Canada has worked alongside industry associations and government officials from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for nearly a decade to update the Fertilizers Regulations,” says Mr. Graham, “These updates will ensure that our industry is able to provide innovative fertilizers to farmers, harmonize our processes with internal jurisdictions, and continue to prioritize the safety of our consumers. We’re committed to advocating for regulations and programs that allow the agriculture sector to remain globally competitive in this new, more difficult operating environment.”

Canada’s fertilizer industry is one of the most environmentally proactive, with 3.7 million acres of farms applying for 4R Nutrient Stewardship. Fertilizer Canada has goals of increasing that number to 15 million acres by 2025 as part of a 5-year strategic plan, the organization is also working with the agri-retail sector to ensure that ammonia fertilizer is used safely. This is done through auditing approximately 400 facilities and conducting 5-year reviews that post proposed changes to Fertilizer Canada’s website.

Ag retailers in Canada have been successful, providing good jobs and economic stimulus across the country, and Fertilizer Canada’s partnerships with CAAR and OABA highlight the socioeconomic impact of agri-retail in rural Canada.

Looking ahead, it will be beneficial to be more efficient with fertilizer use and reduce nitrous oxide emissions from fertilizer applications. With technical and scientific experts, Fertilizer Canada is working to see the industry-led 4R Climate Smart Protocol adopted within federal and provincial offset systems to provide Canadian growers with offset credit opportunities.


Who is Fertilizer Canada?

Fertilizer Canada represents manufacturers, wholesale and retail distributors of nitrogen, phosphate, potash and sulphur fertilizers. The fertilizer industry plays an essential role in Canada’s economy, contributing over $23 billion annually and employing 76,000 workers throughout the supply chain. In order to remain globally competitive, we are committed to supporting our industry with innovative research and programming. We take pride in advocating for sustainability, stewardship, safety and security through our industry-leading standards and Codes of Practice. As the foundation of Canada’s agri-food sector, we apply innovative solutions that positively impact the environment, the economy, and the social fabrics of Canadian life.

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