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We Need to Talk About Mental Wellness

A frank discussion by the Honourable Mike Lake MP on mental wellness issues that need to be discussed and not ignored.

The Fertilizer Market – What Happened and Where It Is Going

An examination of the fertilizer market provided by Josh Linville of StoneX Financial looking at the global markets, political intrigue, weather, and, yes, Covid.

2022 Crop Market Outlook

LeftField Commodity Research founder provides an overview of the 2022 Canadian crop market as a thank-you to joining CAAR as a Perk$ Partner.

Changes to Pesticide & Fertilizer Container Collection Programs in Alberta & Manitoba

Cleanfarms’ empty pesticide & fertilizer container recycling program undergoes a big change in Alberta and Manitoba.

By The Numbers


3 - A three-person panel discussed the MRL challenges, changes and government actions during CAAR’s 2022 conference. This article provides an overview of the discussion between stakeholders Gord Kurbis of the Canada Grain Council, Teri Stewart of CropLife Canada, and ADM Manon Bombardier of the PMRA.

5 - The number of suggestions from HR guru Derek Rolstone of Stone HR Strategies, on how your agri-retail company can ensure employee retention coming out of the pandemic.

11 - The number of Canadians dying every day by suicide. The Honourable Mike Lake MP provides his views on mental wellness issues that need to be discussed within the farm sectors and agri-retail workplace.

23 - The pesticide and fertilizer jug size (23L) that the provinces of Alberta and Manitoba state that agri-retailers must now collect after customer use for proper disposal by Cleanfarms.

42 - A percentage of ag businesses that have reported normal sales—a peek inside the disruptive presence of Covid-19 on the Canadian economy.

384 - This is the percentage increase NH3 fertilizer saw over a 15-month span. Josh Linville of StoneX Financial provides a detailed analysis of the global factors that drove the price of nitrogen fertilizers through the proverbial roof

30,000,000 - This number reflects tonnage of Canadian crop production lost in 2021 over the previous year due to drought, heavy rains, etc. For the western economy, this resulted in a loss of ~$11.5-billion.


Executive Director's Message: Green Climate Plan Hits at Synthetic Fertilizers

From the April issue of CAAR Communicator: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada chose to release a discussion document: Reducing emissions arising from the application of fertilizer in Canada’s agriculture sector, on end of day March 4, 2022. The discussion document progresses the next steps of the December 2020, Government of Canada Strengthened Climate Plan, “A Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy.”

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New Perk$ Partner – LeftField Commodity Research Inc.

LeftField conducts market analysis on 16 Canadian grains, oilseeds and special crops as well as subclasses of crops on a weekly basis. Three comprehensive weekly reports (Special Crop Letter, Canola & Soy Letter and Small Grains Letter) are then distilled into a fourth weekly report, the Farm Market Letter. LeftField will extend an offer for CAAR members to gain LeftField services at a significant discount to their clients / customers. For more information on this special offer for CAAR members, please contact LeftField Commodity Research Inc. at (204) 949-1726 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


CAAR Board of Directors – Join Now!

Do you want to expand your network, represent your fellow retailers, and contribute to the strength of the industry? CAAR is accepting nominations/volunteers to serve on its Board of Directors. Submit a nomination on behalf of yourself or another person and make your voice heard. If you are interested in joining the CAAR Board of Directors, please contact Mitch Rezansoff, CAAR’s Executive Director at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


2022/23 Membership Renewal Reminder

CAAR’s 2022/23 membership renewal notices will be sent out on June 1, 2022. Membership fees remain unchanged and will continue to provide long-term sustainability of the association and the availability of our programs and services for all members. Your membership also ensures your voice is represented in meetings with regulators as CAAR works to limit the impact new and updated regulations have on retailers’ ability to do business. Membership also grants you discounted access to CAAR’s training resources, expertly designed to ensure retailers have the knowledge and certifications required to keep their facilities in compliance. If you have questions about your CAAR membership or are interested in membership for your company, please contact the CAAR office at 800-463-9323 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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