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One of the many things I have learned through my years in recruitment is the art and skill of active listening.

When we actively listen to what people are saying, we are making a conscious effort to not just hear the words, but to also understand the complete conversation.

It may also seem simple enough, but one of the best ways to get the most out of a conversation is to make sure the other person knows you are listening. We’ve all had those conversation where you just get the feeling the other party isn’t really listening to what you are saying.

Here at CAAR, I think we are a little guilty of both – not listening as well as we should and not letting you know we are listening as well as we could. We’re making changing that a priority this year.

At CAAR, we realize as the industry changes and evolves, so do the needs of our members.

As part of a program of concerted member and non-member outreach by CAAR leadership and the board of directors, we want to hear from you and learn what’s important to your business. We want to know what we are doing well, what we could be doing better, what we should be doing again and what we can do that we've never done before.

We will be launching a few projects this year that will be focused on gathering your feedback and upgrading the technology we use to manage our relationships with our members. These projects are in various states of planning, but in brief:

  • Conducting a membership study to solicit your thoughts on the areas CAAR should focus on and what we can do to serve you better;
  • Developing a more robust social media strategy that takes advantage of the opportunities this medium allows us to follow and participate in the conversations you, and the public, are having about our industry;
  • Revising our website so the things that are important to you are only a click away (well, maybe two);
  • Implementing a membership relationship management system so we can manage our relationship with you more efficiently and effectively.

Over the next several months, you'll also see more communications focused on CAAR, delivering the message of who we are, what our mandate is and details about what services and resources we provide our members.

This outreach is officially launched with this issue of the CAAR Communicator, with this note from me and the new “Get to Know Your Board” department now being permanent additions to the magazine.

Last, but far from least, planning is well underway and exciting changes are in the works for the 2021 CAAR Conference, hosted in Edmonton, AB. It will be an event you don’t want to miss!

We’ve got a lot of new things in the works, all of which we are asking you to help us shape over the next few months. Unfortunately, it won’t be possible for us to speak to every member, but you don’t need to wait for our call to let us know what you think. I encourage you to give us a call anytime at (204) 989-9300, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send a tweet to @CdnAgRetail.

Until we speak again, I wish you a safe and bountiful harvest!

Theresa Bolton
Board Chair

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