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Ag retailers have been at the forefront of participating in and promoting sustainability initiatives in agriculture

Data provided by Cleanfarms

CAAR members were early adopters of the Cleanfarms program, with many retailers participating as designated drop-off locations for used pesticide containers.

As the Cleanfarms program expands into more provinces and the types of materials it collects, ag retailers will continue to play a key roll in facilitating that expansion.

Container Collection by the Numbers

YEAR Sum of Containers Collected Collection Rate (3 year avg) Sum of Containers Collected Collection Rate (3 year avg)
2010 4,405,286.30 64% - -
2011 4,255,070.38 69% - -
2012 4,441,430.51 67% - -
2013 5,031,808.65 66% - -
2014 4,232,763.15 61% - -
2015 4,598,573.84 62% 6,500 -
2016 5,044,776.46 61% 36,167 -
2017 4,932,614.11 61% 42,732 -
2018 5,603,718.71 64% 44,417 48%
2019 5,464,479.54 71% 55,369 50%
Grand Total 48,010,521.65   185,185  

Over 48 million small pesticide containers have been collected by the Cleanfarms program in the past ten years, with many of those containers collected at ag retail locations.



Container Collection Participation by Province

Province Bags: Seed, Inoculant, Pesticides (0-1,000 kg) Pesticide and Fertilizer Plastic Jugs Drums and Totes (non-deposit): Pesticide and Fertilizer Grain Bags, Bale Wrap, Poly Twine
BC N/A (future) Retail N/A Pilots starting 2021 (municipal)
AB 55 retails, S of Red Deer for 2021 pilot Municipal Retail Pilot (municipal)
SK Retail Retail Retail Grain bags (municipal)
Twine: pilot starting 2021 (municipal)
MB Retail Municipal Retail Pilot (municipal)
ON Retail Retail Retail Bale wrap: pilots starting 2021 (municipal)
QC Retail (includes fertilizer totes) Retail Retail Bale wrap: pilot (municipal)
Maritimes Retail Retail Retail Pilot (municipal)

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