SPONSORED BY FERTILIZER CANADA: Over the years, Fertilizer Canada has developed world-class safety and security programs through eLearning and Codes of Practice to complement the safety initiatives of our members. Safety is the number one priority of the fertilizer industry. Our members work to ensure that every day their employees and facilities meet stringent requirements for a safe workplace as they work to make products which help feed the world. This commitment is upheld beyond the boundaries of their sites as they work with first responders to ensure the safety of their communities and educate their customers on proper use of the product.

Since 2009, Fertilizer Canada has worked diligently to uphold a robust and effective Code and certification program, which is verified through a third-party audit every two years. In order to verify compliance required for certification between audits, Fertilizer Canada launched a quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) program in 2015. The QA/QC audit process validates that industry best practices are being implemented and that our employees, our customers and our communities can rely on their local businesses to keep them safe. Through the auditing exercise, Canada’s fertilizer industry further demonstrates its commitment to the safe and secure storage, handling and transportation of ammonia fertilizer.

The Code applies to all agri-retail facilities in Canada that sell anhydrous ammonia. Agri-retail sites in Canada must be fully compliant with the standards outlined in the Code. Audits assist agri-retailers in reaching compliance by identifying deficiencies in a proactive manner, allowing for correction before there is a regulatory or safety concern.

In partnership with the Paramedics Association of Canada, Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Fertilizer Canada recently launched an update of the Anhydrous Ammonia for First Responders course, which gives the first responder community the proper educational resources they need to understand the use and handling of agricultural anhydrous ammonia.

Agricultural anhydrous ammonia is a highly effective fertilizer that helps farmers feed our growing population and replenish nutrients in the soil. As a fertilizer, it provides essential nitrogen for plants but those who handle, store or transport it must have the knowledge and understanding of the proper procedures to ensure that it is handled correctly. The Anhydrous Ammonia Code of Practice ensures this. Fertilizer Canada is stands proud in its commitment to keeping our industry and all Canadians safe and educated and will continue to ensure this for decades to come.

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