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When disaster strikes, are you ready to get your business back up and running with minor disruption? Learn how to prepare with some advance planning.

Thumbnail forA New Way To Reduce Nutrient Loss & Increase Fertilizer Efficiency

New nitrogen fertilizer technologies promise to reduce environmental nutrient impact and GHG emissions, increase crop yield, and cost up to half of current costs.

Thumbnail for The Science-Based Voice of the Ag Industry

Advice might be free to give, but when it comes to serving farmers and consumers, the true voice of science-based reason belongs to the agrologist.

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Two BC blueberry farmers relate their experience of the 2021 flooding that has destroyed their livelihood.

CAAR Advocates for faster Internet

January 2022 appears to be the groundhog month of January 2021. COVID-19 continues to disrupt our personal lives, businesses and logistics, and divide the nation politically.

How the dairy farm industry is coping after the B.C. flooding.

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How to meet Gen Z’s workplace expectations—because it’s not only about you.

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CAAR recently participated in the Pulse Value MRL Working Group, a meeting to review the market risk of new pesticide products coming to market, and/or products currently on the market that have experienced an MRL change in a major export market. The results of the review are communicated through the Keep it Clean product advisory for the 2022 growing season.

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Daren Carlson, P.Ag is the Vice President, Sales and Marketing with McEwen’s Fuels & Fertilizers at the Willow Springs head office in Sturgeon County, Alberta. Prior to that, he was retired. Rather than have you believe he is living his life in reverse, the affable Carlson is on his second lifetime in the ag industry he just can’t seem to get enough of. And should it ever arise, if offered a martini cocktail he probably prefers it “Shaken, not stirred.”